Never seen a Jr. jetsetter used like this!

  1. Has anyone seen someone carrying the Jr. Jetsetter like this? I never would have thought of it til I saw it on a website. Using the strap across the front as a shoulder strap? Interesting...
  2. the SA at the Foley & Corinna store showed me how to use it like is an interesting look!
  3. I tried it, but the bag lays really funny unlike the city tote. (curves up and just looks awkward) Definitely looks much better with the tote straps
  4. I have a jetsetter jr. and wouldn't really recommend using it that way. That strap is not super sturdy and I'd worry about tearing. The handles, however, are super strong and the bag in general is really sturdy and durable. I regularly carry 10 lbs of computer gear in it every day for 4 months and it looks marvelous still.
  5. :tdown:
  6. Not sure if I'm digging that look....seems weird to hold it by the strap since it's only attached to one side?
  7. The SA at Neiman's showed me that look. I didn't really like it, and mine wouldn't stay folded over anyway. I also agree with another poster, that strap is not strong enough for that.