Never say never?

  1. just curious if there are any others (like myself) who swore they were done with having children after the last one but find themselves constantly thinking about having another one?

    there is a girl at work who is pregnant so maybe i'm just missing that feeling of excitement??

    any others out there?
  2. After my 2nd child was born DH and I said, that's it! We're done. Then like 3 months later found out I was pg again. (We had gotten rid of everything!) So we had to start over again. THEN After DS 3 was born, I was totally done, but still contemplated doing the IVF with the option of choosing the sex to finally have my girl.....Well, those plans got ruined when I found out that I was pg with DS #4 (and had yet again, gotten rid of everything) So we are starting over again~again! LOL! This time, DH is getting a Vasectomy so we don't have anymore! LOL! 4 kids will be more than enough for me. LOL! But I know in my heart, I'll secretly hope that the Vasectomy failed and we somehow end up with a girl......eeekkk!!! LOL!

    I agree though. I think that when I'm not pg, I always want to be pg and have another baby. I think it's like a hormonal~natural mother's instinct thing~to always want/think about babies.