Never say never. Who's up for a quick reveal?!

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  1. After reading the thread How neat is your Coach bag?, I decided I needed a wristlet for my bag. I travel a lot for work and accumulate a lot of receipts. So I paid a visit to my Coach store this morning. Who wants to see what I got?

  2. I do! LOVE the bag! And I also love your signature! :nuts:
  3. I'm HERE.... :woohoo::woohoo:
  4. Bring it on!
  5. show us!
  6. I finally caught a live one! Show the goods!
  7. I'm here, and happy that my Thread could help you get organized,lol....
  8. OK, this picture will surely give it away!

  9. I want that wristlet so bad, congrat's.....I love the Graffitti accessories and the fob....
  10. Yay for Poppy!!!
  11. And I said I would never buy anything Poppy. LOL. I saw the wristlet next to my Maggie and fell in love with it.


    Here they are together:

  12. adorable! i love the print! the poppy stuff that is in the boutiques is soooo cute! congrats!
  13. That looks Great together...I will have that wristlet!!!!:graucho:
  14. ^^Thanks and thanks to your thread for the great idea! lol
  15. That is super adorable! :nuts: Congrats!