Never say never....Hermes Kelly is the only bag I really want. Help.

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  1. I told myself that Hermes would never be a bag that I would ever get because of how expensive it is. I adored it, but quite simply didn't know if I wanted to spend that much. But funny how its the only bag I want now.

    I think the Kelly is the most beautiful, classic looking bag there is, and is a great investment.

    I've never been a fan of logo bags, but looked into get a Chanel. I got over Chanel and all I want is an Hermes.

    I'm a newbie though. I know I have several threads to read, but I have a couple questions.

    Is it worth it to spend money on a vintage Kelly, say from the 60's? Or is it better to save up and spend on a gently used bag? What is a reasonable price for a vintage bag?

    Having a bag from the 60's I think is just really cool, but I also like my bags to be as clean as possible. But for pricing reasons, I may just settle for a vintage one.

    And to Hermes Kelly owners, is a Kelly high maintenance? I've looked at bags on ebay and some are damaged, especially in the corners?

    I would take excellent care of my bag, but wondering if you use sprays or anything for the bag? And does the handle begin to wear out after a certain time??

    Sorry for the long post, but I would appreciate the help.
  2. I bought a Black Box Kelly (retourne) from 1974. It is TDF! I much prefer box leather on the vintage bags. I also much preferred the price when compared to a new black box bag!!!

    Just be sure to have it authenticated on this forum BEFORE buying it. In addition to telling you whether or not it's authentic, they will also discuss the condition of the bag. You do NOT want to spend your money on a worn-out bag that needs to go in the dumpster, Hermes or not!
  3. I'm still learning the names, is "box leather" the type of leather? And retourne?
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    Only you can decide if it is worth it to go for a vintage Kelly, but I would say, if you want your bags very clean and only are considering going for vintage for the price (paraphrasing your post), I would save longer and pass. It also depends on what color, leather and hw you want as box for example refurbishes well, but requires care in order to wear it in inclement weather. I love vintage box Kelly bags, but treat them as per Docride’s vintage leather thread (which some people choose not to do) and I also have subsequently sent them for replacement of parts. Hermes will tell you that rather than repairing certain things, they recommend replacement, and that is pricy as well.

    Spend some time on this forum and read. A lot of your questions have been covered at length.

    While you do, check out,
    I would recommend recommended resellers list
    I would also suggest authenticating whatever you are looking at (please fill in the format (item; link; seller; comments) with as much detail as possible
    And, Docrides vintage leather section
  5. I am the type to take extra extra care of my bags. I love keeping things as new as possible. With that said, I wouldn't wear it in inclement weather, but I will start reading more threads!

    Definitely a black, blue, or maybe burgundy bag. Gold hardware. Black being my first choice.
  6. i have a 60s kelly bag 1968 actually my mothers and divine i love it and its so perfect in box leather but i have to say that if this is to be your only kelly then go for agently used newer piece belive me they have done wonders with the kelly in the sense of rigid ness look feel size shoulder strap it is a better bag theese days so i would go for some thing newer for sure !
  7. Owning a kelly from the 60s is a piece of history on its own and it makes a bag collection very exciting. Preserving it for the next 20 or 50 years, your next generation will be more glad to keep the piece of history. ITA w/India, boxcalf from the 60s/70s or before are the best.