never saw this one before

  1. ^ That is a very cool looking bag, but I'm afraid those gold nuggets/balls will gab one's side when carrying it.

    I had a Kate Spade bag with knotted handles through golden metal hardware and the side that touched me drove me crazy with those two things digging into my side when it was on my shoulder.

    I think I'm going to ask the seller to see it on a model to see if those things really will make it uncomfortable.
  2. good question can tell you have some serious bag experience...I hate it when you fall in love with a bag, give big bucks to get your hands on it only to find it's a pain to carry it! also do u know this bag, cause I mean you seem to have a lot of rare styles (saw the purse room on the DH thread :wtf: )??
  3. I love how amazing the leather looks on those 2, especially the work.