Never Saw this bag before

  1. Cabas Plage...
  2. Kinda cute but I won't know it's LV if I saw people carry it on the street.
  3. I dont like it much!!!
  4. Not a big fan of it either.... :sweatdrop:
  5. I don't really like first I thought it was coverd in fur.
  6. ^correction... it was lined in thick terry cloth for wet beach thingies....:shame:
  7. not a fan!
  8. Yeah, I don't think it's Vernis...I remember reading about it in a Japanese magazine somewhere and it was under "Epi". I'm not a fan of it, either.
  9. It's the Epi Plage cabas
  10. This one is not very good looking, saw a toledo blue one and it was gorgeous!
  11. i acutally like the Epi Plage collection more the Mono Ambre ones they released later.
  12. I saw this the other day while I was looking around on eBay and wasn't impressed.
  13. ew. no offence. but grosss.