never saw before...

  1. It´s gorgeous!
  2. oh wow.. that is cheap. looked at some other items from this seller and some of them were also rather cheap!!! is this for real??? :biggrin:
  3. Notice that those are pounds and there are 5 days to go ;) Yes Timeless_Lv is a great seller:yes:
  4. yeah the pounds i did notice. but i didnt think of the days, though! :smile:
  5. Yup. Timeless_lv sells 100% authentic LV.

    This bag was produced back in '03, so it's not so new.
  6. Is it only me...I wonder if the bag has been washed in washing machine by the look of the shape and wrinkles..
  7. I agree. And the fade on the strap appears to be something only Tide could do!:roflmfao: