"never pay full price..."

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  1. i know i cant be the only one who loves the designer labels for less stores. i'm addicted to them, i stop in tj maxx and marshalls several times a week, usually to just browse but i usually always find what im looking for, if im even looking for anything at all.
    i've found D&G sunglasses for $30 (with the authenticity sticker and original tag still on them), a $140 Vince shirt for $17, a $130 Singred Olsen skirt for $30, my coach bag was only $100 i could go on and on. i completely inspect whatever i buy to see if i can find a mis-stitch, weird marks or and kind of damage that would call for it to be suh a deal before i buy, and usually i find nothing wrong.
    anyone else like these types of stores? find any really good deals? i also just saw they had the T3 flat iron in stock for 99 bucks. if im not mistaken thats quite a deal.
  2. Wow, great deals. Some TJ max, Daffys are different in some cities, you're lucky!!!
  3. What, where did you see the T3 for under a hundred?
  4. i saw it in tjmaxx here in NH for 99.99 you can never guarentee what youll find there so im not sure if they even still have it. but i was pretty suprised to see it, if i didnt just get the paul mitchell one, i would have scooped the T3 up right there and then!
  5. i got my T3 flat iron 2 years ago for about $100 shipped on ebay. i guess i just got lucky and no one else bid on it at the time... it still works great!

    but anyway, our marshall's and tj maxx around here don't have the best selection. i do shop discount stores every now and then... nordstrom rack sometimes have great deals too, but you gotta go on the truck days when they get the latest shipment in.
  6. its always a hit or miss, and youre right, some stores are better than others. i like to go alot because it seems that our stores up here get new stuff very often and i LOVE to browse through everything!
  7. There's only one good TJMaxx here. The rest blow, but the one good one is hit and miss. I found a Juicy Couture diaper bag there once and made twice what I paid by selling it on eBay. I've found some cute Clavin Klein strappy sandals for $24 on clearance. I found a Coach trench coat for $88 clearance, but I had to take it back because it was one size too big so I looked like a giant box in it.
  8. Wow, everyone's found some really great deals! You know, I've never ever paid full price for premium denim before, I always get the last size 24 or 25 that's marked down really low. Sadly, there's no tj maxx or marshalls here. :sad:
  9. I'm a 31 or a 32 so my size is always first size sold out :sad:. I did score a pair of People's Liberation cords in my size the other day marked down from $189 to $47 :yahoo:
  10. I LOVE Marshalls -- I found so much amazing things in the guy's section that my boyfriend is always amazed. Additionally, I am a BlueFly.com addict - online shopping is my downfall -- I have spent so much money on there now that they just grade all my shipping at this point.

    Additionally, I have become a devout looker at ScoopNYC.com -- for some reason when they have sales, they literally have amazing sales. This year I got Theory blazers for $89, Paper Denim jeans for $55 and cashmere sweaters for $79 by Juicy, Theory & Paper Denim.

    Finally, I love the SF Macy's Men store -- for some reason Tuesdays are the day they clean out the holds I think and all this amazing stuff is put back on the floor.