Never on saturday ...on Faubourg.....-

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  1. I went to Paris for the weekend, actually just to visit FSH:yes: and try to get a birkin 30 in some nice color and lather...

    I have got my black birkin there in the past and my green Kelly too, and I know in week days they get birkins during the day.

    I entered she shop at 10:40 (it opens at 10:30) and asked for birkin 30. The had only one and SA told me it was the onlyone of the day because they don't get purses on saturdays:crybaby:

    It was a 30 etoupe in clemence witrh contrast white stich. Not my purse:crybaby:

    They had a some 35s and some hac, but non 30s..

    In 30 minutes ALL the birkins were gone!

    So ladys, if you want to have some chance to score the bag of your dreams, don't go on saturadays because the choice is very limited.

    Anyway, I went to George V and the SA told me they had one in toile (OMG!!! my dream bag!!)... when she arrived the orange box looked too big to me...I was crossing my fingers..but it was a 35 in brown box and dark green toile...again, not my purse.

    They had many kellys in both places, mostly in 32. I liked the new pale rose color in swift, but I have just got a brown sellier and wanted a birkin so badly..

    The etoupe was a beautiful bag, too bad it wasn't was I wanted:s

    I would like to get a white or the new white/beige color but they told me you can't SO it...:confused1:
  2. The etoupe birkin sounds lovely. Good luck with you search. I'm sure you will find the bag of your dreams!
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  3. nice post costa
  4. Great info! I was contemplating a trip myself if things don't work out with a London store
  5. Etoupe 30 with white contrast stitching is yummy. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing. This is good to know:heart::tup:
  7. thanks for sharing..sorry you didn't find a bag...i'm sure one will arrive in time
  8. Good information for those of us contemplating a visit. Thanks. Wish you had better luck!
  9. I think next time will go on friday because I guess they have to get the "extra" purses for the weekend
  10. Thanks for letting us know maybe you can try again on Monday?
    Wishing you the best *finger crossed*
  11. Thanks Costa! I will be going to FSH in about 4 days! I will try during the week? Thank you again for the information (I'm so happy that I didn't have to search all the threads and/or start a thread) You answered all my questions!:flowers::biggrin::happydance:
  12. Report back what you see there and find! I am off soon as well...:yes:
  13. I have been waiting on a podium order white, that was confirmed, for over a year. Thanks for the info.
  14. Please report what you find!!:yes:
    Go there with what you want in mind so if they don't have what you want first you can ask for the second on the go.
    I asked birkin 30 first, than kelly pochette, than birkin 25, than kelly25 (they had 2, one in bj and one in orange):smile:
  15. oh... and good luck!!!:tup: