never miss a call again

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    Purse Vibrations
    Tired of missing your calls because your phone was on silent mode, and in your purse? Korea's Esquire may have a nice solution for us forgetful gals. They presented a handbag that alerts you of incoming calls with a strong vibration or blinking LED light. It seems the bag will shake the hell out of you when you get a call, making damn sure you pick up that cell phone. Pretty cool, heh? Now you can sleep with it under your pillow, and have your boyfriend give you a wake-up call in the morning. []
  2. :lol: I wonder if anyone ever buys those things?
  3. Yah, i wonder the same thing too. We put our fones on vibration and silent for a reason: "not be disturbed" (i.e. in class, or in a meeting or in movie theater".
    It would make a scene if the purse lights up and shakes up like that. hehehhehe.
  4. Not that cute of a bag!! Interesting idea though...
  5. Hehe, that is funny. It's like a siren on your bag!
  6. Cute.. but no thanks !
  7. What kind of gal would use that?
    Oh, the kind that has butterfly decals on all her fingers, I guess:nuts: !