Never like anything on sale ???

  1. Here's my little problem.....Since I can't just take a day off and run like a maniac in the stores at on the first day of sales, I usually go after.
    And while I still see all the girls piling on things to try and buy I rarely see anything that I like....or else my size is gone.It seems sometimes they took out the old collections from years before....
    Same on the internet, going to the sale section of the websites, or on cheaper sites and I can't find anything ever that catches my eye.....
    So that means that I will buy max. 1 thing on sale every season, I usually think a long time and spend bigger to get exactly what I want. But I am a little jealous when I hear everybody saying all the good deals they got !!
    Am I too picky ? unlucky ? Anyone else feels the same ?
  2. I know what you mean... I think it's true that some stores took out old-fashioned things from the stocks on sale... I hate that, too... But the most I hate is the lots of greedy women rushing in and pushing the others... So I avoided the sale the last years - and haven't any bad experiences...
  3. I definitely don't like looking through the picked over selection at sales. However, when shopping sales both at stores and online, I try to stock up on favorites that I already know will work for me. This strategy has worked this season with dresses and jeans that I paid full price for originally, but have been able to add different colors or washes during the sales. I already know that I love the item, and I know that it fits without battling the fitting room or worrying about online returns. Stick with the brands/labels that you are familiar with and that you already own and enjoy.
  4. I think in this way, guys have it better. ;)
  5. I hate how Nordstrom will put out at the half yearly sale shoes from 2 or 3 years back.

    I rarely find anything good in the clothes section since its all picked over, shoes however are a different monster. Sometimes you win big, sometimes the selection is atrocious.
  6. This is where I also agree -- I tend to have killer shopping sessions during the sales. This past Christmas, I scored like a crackhead on holiday at Saks Fifth Avenue. I also think that because I am a x-small to small in most things, I tend to be able to slip into designer pieces that other guys would not be able to fit. Additionally, I am not a huge risk taker with my clothing -- no Gaultier for me!

    In the end, it really depends on what you see as your style and tracking those items. I have a fantastic relationship with SAs at Neiman's, Saks, Armani and Barneys who call me when items go on sale cause they know I will buy it.
  7. That´s an excellent suggestion, thanks !

    Clake : So far the only times I ´ve been lucky were also because I have (well until now....:sad: a smaller frame than most girls here.
  8. I'd suggest coupon-shopping for you. You can get a lot of good deals on in-season items on the net that way.
  9. I am in the same boat. I never find anything on sale that I like. It's all picked over, usually, and none of the cute stuff is left in my size. So I do a lot of online coupon shopping! I can pick current, of-the-moment designer things that I want to wear right now, and still get them for a certain percentage off. Our deals and steals section is a great resource for locating coupon codes and sales at the best boutiques and dept. stores.
  10. I'm like that too. I don't like to waste time. I won't shop with crowds. I've been to some of those sales, and everytime after I go, I tell myself that I'll NEVER do that again. I hate crowds; it's even worse when it's a bunch of *****y females. I hate shopping when things are out of order, like shopping in bins or a rack of random stuff. I walk by and if something catches my, I'll look at it, but if not, I move on. Like the previous posters, my sale shopping is also done online. I'd rather sit and click than have to deal with crowds and picking at things that I don't like (and probably doesn't even fit me).
  11. I actually prefer outlet shopping to sales - something about sales makes you buy things that you usually wouldn't. I also try to work off a list. I still go to sales though because then I can get nicer things with the same budget.

    Guys do have it better! My fiance can get amazing deals on beautiful classic clothes - I'm so jealous!
  12. I know what you mean. I think the only way to have a chance at finding something good at a sale is to be there right when the store opens. I was at Saks the day after Christmans. It was such a zoo. The moment the store opened women swarmed to the handbag sections. The employees were still bringing out boxes of bags. The women swarmed the boxes and were literally tearing them from the boxes before the employees could put them out. People were walking around with armfuls of bags. They were trading with others. You have to get there early, grab everything you might want and put back what you dont. Everyone who gets there later gets the stuff nobody else wanted. I hate sales too for that very reason. Assuming you can take a morning off to shop, if you get there early you have to fight the mobs. If you get there late, all the good stuff is gone.
  13. usually i don't even bother with the sales at high-end stores. the stuff is so picked over, and most of the stuff that i really like and would spend money for never even makes it to the sales. so if i absolutely love it, i fork out the dough to buy it at regular price. if i just like it, i try to find a similar piece at a low- or middle-end store. i did this with a $300 giraffe-print ivory and black Milly tunic. i really liked it, but knew that i wouldn't wear it often enough to justify the price. i found a patterned tunic with the same colors and cut and a very similar pattern and fabric at Forever 21 for $20. if i only wear it 2 or 3 times, then who cares? it was only $20.

    low- to middle-end stores are a different story, though. at places like old navy, gap, jcrew, anthropologie, etc. almost everything goes on sale at some point anyway, and i check their websites and stores often to see if anything new has been marked down. at places like this, checking often is key since people don't really sit around and anticipate their sales. i shop at these places often, so i already know what size i need and how their clothing is cut, so i don't worry about buying online. the vast majority of my wardrobe comes from doing this, and my ability to find so many things on sale continues to baffle my friends and family.

    i also agree with whoever said that sales are a great opportunity to stock up on extra colors and washes of things you already bought at regular price and know that you enjoy. you already know what size you need and that you will use the item, so you can buy without trying on and don't have to worry about returns.
  14. In Europe we don't have coupons-shopping, what is it ??? sounds interesting !
  15. I have the same problem. They never having in my sizes: 0/23-24/size 4.5-5.0 shoes on sale.

    In fact, SAs have told me your sizes go first and they have the least amount in stores. Well, at least in California where ther appears to be too many petite gals!