NEVER let the one you love go.....

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  1. OK...I'm a DORK....since I got all these new bags for the holidays, I had casually mentioned to my neighbors that I was thinking of selling a few of my other bags to make room for the new ones! So.....yesterday AM, I get a phone call from one of them who tells me that her daughter is going to a big party (last night) and she is wearing a chocolate brown dress w/ bronze trim, would I be interested in selling her my chocolate ergo b/c they called our local boutique and they are out of she puts her daughter on the phone, and I agree to sell it!!!!!!! :tdown: BAD MOVE!!! So, she comes over, pays me (Keep in mind I did make money on this deal, even w/ the new lower price!!!!) and leaves w/ my precious chocolate ergo!!!! Then the pangs began...I felt soooooooooo sick that I sold that bag....I LOVED that bag!!! I was a mess! I even called my hubby to whine and all he said was "uhh huh....mmmmm....uhh huh..." Then I took my daughter to the pediatrician (RE: icky place thread!! LOL) and when I left there, I noticed there was a message on my cell was my hubby....he said "I am thinking of buying you some chocolate for Valentine's Day....not the kind you eat." and hung up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HMMMMMMMMMM............. You all will be VERY proud of me b/c I didnt mention this AT ALL to him....I whined a bit and he said "I have it all under control" but I KNEW JAX was out of stock on these bags as well, from some posts I read here so I was panicked I may never get my bag back!!!! Then this AM, the phone rings....hubby was talking and talking, etc....then he comes upstairs and says "we are going to the Hamptons today....get ready!!!" So I said "why???" He said "They were able to locate some chocolate in the East Hampton Coach store...let's go!" So, off we took OVER AN HOUR to get there and the deal is that I am NOT allowed to see OR touch this bag til Valentine's Day....I agreed! When my boutique called to let my hubby know they located a chocolate ergo, they told my hubby he cant have PCE on the bag b/c PCE ended yesterday (it ends TODAY, morons!!!!), so hubby told the SA in the Hamptons that he "forgot his PCE card, can he still have the discount" and they gave it to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got the bag for $153 and change w/ our NYS taxes!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooo EXCITED to get this bag back!!! February is a long time away, but I do have my Ali's, Carly and all of you to get me thru this!!!! So, lesson to be learned to everyone....DONT LET ANY OF YOUR BAGS GO THAT YOU LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! You may never be able to get them back!!!! If they couldnt locate me one, I would not have gotten my bag back, and every time I saw my neighbor's daughter w/ it, I would have cried!!!! I'm just sooooooooooo EXCITED she is HERE and SAFE and PERFECT!!! :yahoo: They brought her out to him still in the wrappings from JAX, and he wasnt going to open her up , but then he thought he BETTER b/c of all the things that have been wrong w/ these bags...thankfully he said she is PERFECT!!!! I cant wait til FEB 14th NOW!!!!!! and we got to stop at a really cute little homemade ice cream parlor on the way home!!! :yahoo:
  2. I am so glad you got her back! :yahoo: Leave it to the Ali King to make it all better!!! :flowers: You are strong to wait until Valentine's.. I guess that can be your payback for selling it in the first place.. ouch!!! :p Congrats!!!! :tup:
  3. EXACTLY.......NEVER again!!!!!!!!! :nogood:
  4. you are one fricken lucky lady!!!!
  5. I know...especially since there doesnt seem to be ANY chocolate ergos left to be had!!!! I'm still sad I even let mine GO!!!! :sad:
  6. When I started reading this, I thought you must have gone temporarily insane. You lucked out girl! Don't scare us like that again!
  7. I'm glad you were able to be reunited (well soon ;)) with your lovely chocolate ergo :love:
  8. I *THINK* I did go temporarily insane!!!! That is the ONLY signature bag that I have ever REALLY LOVED and I let it go!!!??? WTH is wrong w/ me??!!! I DO feel lucky to have been able to get her back, but what if I hadnt been able to??? I think I would have freaked!!!! It's the waiting til Feb now that is going to destroy me! :sad:
  9. THANK YOU!!! ME TOO!!! I just wish I could have her back NOW!!! I need instant satisfaction!!! :yes:
  10. Um is your husband under some type of spell or something lol ! you must have been so relieved !
  11. LOL I understand!

    BTW sorry to go OT for a minute, but I returned the large khaki/chocolate Carly so no modeling pics as promised. She was just too heavy for my bad shoulder once I put all my stuff in and wore her around the house few minutes :tdown:

    But I posted a pic of her solo here:
  12. I WAS!!! He called the manager of our local boutique yesterday after I told him I sold it and was sorry I did. She told him that our store had NONE (which we already knew b/c my neighbor's daughter tried to get one from the store before she bought mine), but she would put out a "look out" in the computer for a boutique that had one. He got the call this AM that they found ONE, in a boutique over an hour away, so he took us there. It was in the Hamptons, so it was a nice, scenic ride anyway! I am VERY relieved to have her back, but I wish I didnt have to wait til Feb to REALLY HAVE HER!!!! I LOVE that bag sooooooo much!!! I dont think I am EVER going to sell ANY of my bag again after this! LESSON LEARNED!!! :yes:
  13. IKWYM, Your husband sounds very sweet and like he wants to make you happy ! So cute ! I need some type of Coach spell to put on my husband lol ! I get attached to bags and always feel like I can never sell them or return them so you must have been sad to let her go and probably wanted to make your neighbor happy (you seem like a really nice person) so then you regretted it afterward. So happy you got her back !
  14. Mommyville, I am so happy you got your Chocolate Ergo Back. Your DH is a good man to track another one down for you. Now please don't sell her ever again or you will be
  15. Girl! I cannot believe you lost your mind like that!! Thank goodness you dh is such a nice guy! This is a great bag to own, even if you only use it once in a while! I'm glad you got it back!