Never in all my life would I have attached a scarf to my bag!!

  1. I am the BIGGEST tomboy ever and every time I see a pretty scarf on a pretty bag I like it more and more. Sooooooo I am off to coach later tonight to get the heritage tote in white with some matching accessories and a SCARF. I feel like I am going to be walking along in my running outfit with a scarf on my bag, does anyone think it will look akward??:nuts::nuts:
  2. woohoo :yahoo: You go girl! Can't wait to see pics!!!! You will look great! ;)
  3. Congrats in advance, girl, I don't think it will look awkward at all! The great thing about Coach is I think ANYONE can rock it! Post pics, please, when you get back!! :smile:
  4. you're too cute!!! I can't wait to see your first scarf on the bag!!
  5. I love seeing scarfs on bags. I think it will look cute. Post pics when you can.
  6. No way... you'd definitely look great carrying a gorgeous Coach hand bag while wearing a running/sporty outfit. Let us know what wonderful Coach goodies you decided on. Have fun shopping!
  7. Me too!!! I am more of a tomboy, not into bows and scarfs. I just can't say no to one on my Chocolate carly after seeing pictures of some yummy ones:drool: So I am on the hunt for a bag scarf as well.
    Good luck!! What color are you thinking for the scarf?
  8. That is going to look so wonderful!!! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  9. LOL I am the same way! Since I'm a college student, I pretty much live in running clothes during the summer and jeans and a hoodie in the winter. I am anxious to see your modeling pics!
  10. Only thing I will say is depending on where you live, be careful with the scarves. Particularly for those living in the cold where there is salt all over cars. One false move and you could ruin your scarf if it brushes up against another car.

    That being said, I typically tie a scarf on all my bags and they look great. If it is raining or there is a fear of brushing up against something dirty, tuck it inside the bag :smile:
  11. Awhile back, someone advised putting a colorful scarf on ones bag to deter purse-snatchers. It sounded like such a neat idea, I wrapped a hot-pink scarf around one of my bags & figured anyone who would want to grab that would have to be pretty bold.

    Just thought I'd throw that bit of trivia in while on the subject . . .
  12. NOPE!!!! That's not akward at all! That's me all over!!!!!

  13. I totally agree with margaritaxmix, you go and get yourself the scarf I am sure you will rock it!
  14. That is my favorite new thing to do - get coordinating ponytail scarves and charms for my bags. I tend to have pretty neutral bags, so the decorations can liven them up a bit!
  15. Would anyone do a KeyRing plus a scarf tied to your bag? I can't decide if I should tie a scarf on it, if that would be too much? I haven't gotten a scarf yet because of this...