Never have I ever...

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  1. Alright girls and boys, it's time to play this infamous game! But let's keep it clean mmmkay? It'd be fun to keep a of it fashion-related too. Keep your own score! I'll start! Never have I ever bought a white purse!
  2. I have never bought anything from an online auction website.
  3. Never have I ever eaten raw fish!
  4. I never have drank Jack
  5. I have never tried any alcohol besides a beer, a wine cooler, or champagne. (...and of the 3, I haven't had any of them in 19 yrs.) Yep, LOL I don't drink.:yes:
  6. I have never gone to the top of the empire state building and I worked there a whole summer and had free access to it lol
  7. I have never riden on a moterbike
  8. I have never smoked a cigarette.

  9. I haver never said "I love you" to any other guy except to my dh.
  10. i have never bought a handbag which costs more than 20€.
  11. I have never done any drugs other than pot (and I never tried pot until I was 25... have only done it twice)
  12. *I have never tried or smoked cigarettes, pot...or any type of drugs.

    *I've never eaten Lobster, or Crab...(I don't like seafood)

    *Never eaten a chicken nugget, or Big Mac

    *OMG I almost forgot...I've never been on a plane! ..and never will!!!
  13. Never have I ever given up on my faith in God ! :smile:
  14. Never have I ever owned a bag that cost more than $600.
  15. never have I ever given up on trying to get a "certain someone" (im pretty shy, and dont know if I will ever be able to confess my (almost love) for him!