Never had this happen .. .

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  1. So I've never had this happen. 3 weeks ago, a "buyer" paid for an item through bidpay, but never purchased it. Since I rarely use bidpay I didn't notice that I received a payment. But she never bought the item in eBay. Today I get a message wondering where it is, I look at Bidpay notice I received a payment, and tell her she should buy the item through eBay and I'll ship. Kind of backwards. I did notice that she doesn't have good feedback or much of it, so I'm wondering if this is some sort of scam. Since I'm not familiar with bidpay, I don't know how it works, but she said she was thinking of cancelling the payment. Any suggestions?
  2. huh? was it a BIN item?
  3. yes, it was a BIN
  4. That's weird..and there weren't any messages in your email or in your eBay messages from ebay saying "Congratulations, your item sold!" ?
  5. No- she never bought it through Ebay- all she did was pay me through bidpay.
  6. so where is the money now?
  7. In my account- I just asked her to buy the item from me, and then I'll ship- otherwise it looks like I'm operating outside Ebay.
  8. Hmm. That's weird, I would have thought an email would have come through when she paid with bidpay. When someone pays with paypal, you always get an email notifying you that the buyer has sent you money.
  9. yes that's weird, did you never got notified by bidpay? guess the buyer just used bidpay and never did the BIN through ebay... what you suggest will eventually work out...
  10. I am confused, how did she get your info to pay if she didnt go thru ebay? I would tell her to cancel the payment then, if something doesnt sound right then you feel that way for a reason. I smell trouble.

    Tell her that she has to bid thru ebay you dont want to risk being suspended from ebay.

    I am just puzzled how she got your info without being involved in a transaction with you????
  11. I paid once through bidpay, what you need to do is fill out the sellers id and the item id, so guess that's what she did, bidpay has no way of verifying if the payer indeed won that item. Does the money end up in your paypal account? if so you would have thought you would get a notice from paypal?
  12. That is strange. If she has poor feedback as well, I would probably just cancel her payment and be done with her.
  13. Is it possible for a chargeback through Bidpay? I'm not very familiar with Bidpay, but I do recall that it's not as easy as Paypal. I'd ship to her, so long as I can more or less be certain that the money will remain in my account. Why don't you ship after you've taken the money out? (If this had been a Paypal payment, then I wouldn't ship.)

    Anyone familiar with Bidpay, please chime in?
  14. when you pay with bidpay is it backed up with cc?