Never Had a RM bag and wanted to know

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  1. 1) What made you get one?

    I have never had one, and the celebs look great with theirs. I would love to have a first. Yet, I looked at the website and there are so many styles and colors. Oh the colors. What is the smallest one, and what color do you ladies reccomend. I am thinking the bloomies sale by the way. :yahoo:
  2. are you talking about a BBag or RM ?
  3. first is a BBag
  4. Which is the bbag
  5. I'm not really sure what made me get my first one... I just remember going onto ebay and finding a MAM for $270 BIN (!!) and the rest is history. I am looking in my posting history and can't see any posts made by me before I posted asking if the bag was authentic or not... but i'm sure I must have been lurking in some of the threads.

    What made me KEEP buying them is the high quality of the leather, the price (much better compared to my other obsession, balenciaga), and the utility. There is one for every occasion!

    I'm not sure what the smallest bag is, but for a first bag I would definitely suggest the Morning After Mini... it is the "iconic" RM bag and you can pretty much take it with you anywhere. Plus it comes in so many gorgeous colours!
  6. Ooo thanksDaphodil. That really helps. Maybe I should also try ebay. Can I put the mini over my shoulder too? :okay:
  7. I'm sorry i thought you working saying you wanted a first bag which is a Balenciaga bag. I would get a MAM or MAB-they are a classic bag that you can't go wrong with either
  8. Thanks Missy B
    can you put these over your shoulder too
  9. RM matinee you can put over your shoulder
    RM MAB also can go over your shoulder as can the Nikki or Plan B bag
  10. i wanted an rm bag coz i saw a picture of the fuschia/gold one someone posted somewhere in tpf. hehe. i quickly searched for it and bought it in less than 30 minutes. :P i just got it today and i love it!
  11. The first sample sale hooked me for life. For the price, you get a great quality bag and yummy leather! Definitely worth it to check it out.
  12. Hi!

    Oh yes! after you get one bag, you can't stop, you just got to have another.

    I'll recommend a Morning after mini for starters if you're not used to big bags. I can put a MAM over my shoulder, if I'm not wearing a thick coat.

    If you like bigger bags, go for a Matinee or a Morning After.
    Good luck for the sale! :smile:
  13. Oooh, I love that bag! I'm so jealous, post pics if you can!
  14. yes pleasssssseeeeeeeeee post pics of your fuschia if you can! I really want one of those too... *sigh* i'm so BAD. I will have NO money for this sample sale two months away.....

    The MAB and Matinee and Nikki fit on the shoulder for SURE.

    What made me get one? THE ENABLERS ON TPF hehehe

  15. If you are referring to the MA style, the MAM is the smaller one, and the MA is the larger one.

    Honestly, I recommend all the colors. You really can't go wrong with any of them, and it really just depends on your personal preference. I love all of RM's colors (as you can see in my signature!):yahoo: