Never go shopping after a bad day at work

  1. I'm living proof. I went out tonight seeking shoes I can wear while working at the Coach store that don't cripple my feet. Right now I'm "auditioning" two pairs tonight on my carpet while I decide. Then...I stopped at the Coach store "just to see what they had." What they had was my long-coveted Tattersall travel tote and even more long-coveted legacy stripe bangle. Both went home with me (along with two pairs of shoes and three tops from Eddie Bauer).

    Anyone else here stress shop? These were all planned purchases but still...:girlsigh:
  2. After a stressful week I drive 85 miles one-way to the "fancy" mall to look at Coach, LV, and Gucci followed by dinner at the bar at The Melting Pot. This last trip, I got a speedy 30 Damier and the Mini Lily in Camel.

    I totally feel you on the shopping as a stress releaser.
  3. I agree...this has been a b*tch of a week for me...think I'll plan some retail therapy for Friday!
  4. THAT is some serious retail therapy! LOL!
  5. Wow, that was a rewarding trip! (my version of the Melting Pot would be a whole lot of CHinese takeout). I'm waiting with baited breath for the new mini Lily (in black or walnut if they have it).

    More weeks like this and I might end up in LV land...
  6. I didn't own a LV before this month (Dec into Jan) and now I have two, but haven't used either yet and I REALLY should take one of them back. Which would you keep? What LV do you have your eye on?


    Needless to say work has been very stressful. The good thing is over the next 4 weeks I don't even have time to go shopping (unless online) and then I have virtually 5 weeks of non-stop travel. I am sure I will go shopping but I really don't like to buy too much when traveling since I have to leave it in a hotel room and then pack it back.

    Sorry you had a stressful day at work but you got some great items. I have the tote and bracelet and LOVE them, well just about anything Tattersall and Legacy ain't half bad either.
  7. I love the shape of the speedy. So classic. I like the damier more than the monogram. I just need a bag that goes over my shoulder, so I've probably get a neverfull (love that name).
  8. Sorry to hear you had a bad day at work but it sounds like you came home with some great buys! Would love to see pics!

    I like the monogram more than the damier.
  9. oh geez.. i thought it was going to be a horror story.. you made out like a bandit! lets see the new goods.
  10. The damier speedy is gorgeous!

    I've done the retail therapy thing, but unfortunately its usually not in the budget and I end up returning something, so I try not to do it anymore. I haven't come up with anything to replace it yet that feels as good though, except maybe looking at my "0" credit card balance. But still....
  11. I LOVE to shop when I'm stressed. It does help! BUT...I have to be ALONE and time can't be a factor. I must be able to shop till I drop whether thats 2 hours or 6 hours. LOL
  12. Haha I am totally a lover of retail therapy! After a VERY stressful week (including lots of car issues) I hit Nordstrom Rack - good thing it was bargain hunting or my poor wallet would have been esp. unhappy! I bought my new Coach Ireland wedges, some sneakers, new sheets, new shearling slippers, and a shirt and tie for DH on Tuesday. :shame:

    But I felt better! :p
  13. I stress shop too. When I do...I find myself justifying spending more I have to watch it. My DH isn't much help...he will encourage me when I am understress to buy something and he will tell me how I deserve it.
  14. Well. Coach is the perfect destresser i say. My friend and I were even joking today before taking our midterms: "If this stresses me out, I'll just stop by Coach!" :biggrin:

    Congrats on the purchases...I love Tattersall and Legacy stripe :love:

  15. But see, I still think buying and returning is fun! My friend and I call it our cardio! LOL...

    It started because when buying clothes neither of us likes to or usually has time to try on clothes.