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  1. Hi all,
    Some of you may know that I was eliminate my Chanel for green addition. Luckily I found two and love them both, but is it too much green? One is small boy flap and the other is CC timeless wallet on chain. If I only can keep one, which one do you think? Please help me to decide. I really need your opinion. Thank you so much! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396622002.763980.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396622019.299738.jpg
  2. Uhhh gorgeous! I would keep the Boy, it has a super wow factor
  3. Love the woc. where did you get it. I'll take it if you return it. Just kidding. Is the boy cross body as comfortable as the woc. That would be my deciding factor. Both are beautiful.
  4. Oh no you need BOTH lol. They have entirely different looks and are gorgeous! I love that metallic (or iridescent?) pale green caviar on that WOC. The Boy's looking handsome too. Sorry, I'm no help :P
  5. Boy!
  6. I'll buy the green boy off you 😋 if you decide you don't want it
  7. Both can be cross body. The boy flap is almost the same size of the rectangle mini. It's more structure and only can fit a wallet, key pouch, lipstick and phone.
  8. Boy!
  9. Just want to add a picture of my recent collection in order for you to help me make a decision. Thank you so much for all the opinion and comment. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396624824.154439.jpg
  10. Beautiful!!!! Amazing collection!!! I still say that you should put the green Boy in the middle of that picture :graucho:
  11. If you can keep only one, I'd keep the boy, the green looks like an emerald from the emerald city.....but if you can keep both I would.... The greens are different enough as are the bags themselves so it's all around adding lots of diversity to your collection....
  12. I would def keep the boy!!! The green of the boy is soooo lovely and gorgeous!!!

    Don't like the colour of the WOC...
  13. I vote for the boy! Enjoy!
  14. I think I'm going against the grain by saying this, but I love the WOC! I really like the minty green color and they are so practical to use :smile:
  15. I love the green boy! It is so stunning and striking! The Woc is pretty too and if you keep both, I would but if only one, then the boy. However, I think some people are talking about having issues with the metallic painted leather (is it the blue?) over in the boy and may be spring summer threads. Sorry but I'm not following either threads closely so I don't know the details. May be you should look into that as well to see if the green may have the potential issue of rubbing.