Never Full out of stock in ASIA

  1. GEez, i have been trrying to pick up neverfull it GM, MM or PM, but to no avail. I went to bangkok and came back to Kuala Lumpur, but still,Neverfull was out of stock!!
    Plssssssssssssssssssss come back soon neverfull :cursing:
  2. It's popular!!! You'll get one eventually!!!
  3. I hope so too. Btw, i saw your wish lish..."Neverfull Damier" is there one? Or is it the hamstead?
  4. ^^ It's coming out later in the year.
  5. oh reallyy??! should i just wait for that instead??!
    since neverful MC is everywhere now..hehehe:p
  6. The Damier Nevefull is suppose to come out in Nov - it's in the lookbook:

    Look at this link: page 123, posting #1839

    The Damier Hampstead came out this past April and is a bit more formal looking (I have it!). There will also be an Azur Hampstead later....
  7. ohh thanks!!!!!!!
  8. I'm already on the waitlist for the Damier neverfull!:yahoo:
  9. I went to LV here in Manila to ask if the neverfull waitlist is moving and the SA told me that it may take a while since it's out of stock in the whole of Asia!:amazed:So, i went home with the T&B mini pochette instead, just in case it gets out of stock was also the last one in the said store!!!
  10. I don't htink they're out of stock in ALLLLL of Asia which is quite the hugeness imo..... I came back from China recently and I saw a LOT in Beijing including LEs like Miroir Lockits
  11. do you have friends or relatives in other countries that could get one for you?
  12. hi there, which part of Asia are u at? any idea how much will the damier range cost?
  13. if you can see now especially in Kuala Lumpur, almost every women carry a Neverfull!! so i guess i'll succumb to the idea that its out of stock now in my region.

    as for the Miroir Lockit in Beijing, issit for sale? a store in my place has it in both colors but only for DISPLAY!!! :wtf:

    why dont u get urself waitlisted. i may get a little while but its worth it! good luck!
  14. it's understandable. everytime when LV comes out with a new hip bag, they usually clear their inventory the quickest in asia. same in Hong Kong, probably like a good 6-7 years ago i remember wanting a mini monogram josephine and they were all sold out in HK..
  15. Yes, it was on sale. And this man buying the neverfull asked this SA to pull out like... 8-10 bags all tossed on the counter and he was clearly trying to pick the best one out of them.