Never full GM Why stitches on large pocket?

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  1. Hello,

    Does anybody know why the stitches appear on the large pocket on the Never Full GM azur (Which means it is impossible to flip the pocket)and not on the monogram same model?

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  2. The older bags didn't have the pocket sewn down (when the NF was first introduced). I don't recall what year they made this change.
  3. Thank you for your reply. To me, it seems like another way of saving money for LV. It is so easy to have the stitches under the pocket and it looks better.
  4. Wow, this is interesting. I would not have noticed this if you hadn't mentioned it. My Damier Azur Neverful GM is the same as yours (stitches on pocket). Either way still a great bag :biggrin:
  5. Oh I know, bjtaylor02 has a YouTube video on it. It's too prevent the back of the bag from sagging if you have a heavy full sized wallet in the zip pocket. It makes sense, I'd rather have stitches than sagging.
  6. Oh, that's great to know! I was wondering why when I put my wallet in the pocket it didnt sag as much as I thought :smile:
  7. +1