Never full gm vs palermo gm

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  1. Ok I am getting a laptop and camera for christmas. What better way to strut a laptop then a lv bag! I am in the future thinking of getting the palermo.... (I have to wait 6 months! I work for Neimans and I have to wait on lv when its new) So in december I can get a Neverfull gm! I think it would work great for my laptop!!!!! cause it holds alot of weight! Is it tooo much like the palermo gm??? Or can I still enjoy that one too???:tup:
  2. I don't think they're alike at all. I would get both
  3. Here's my Neverfull GM and I use it for my laptop ... works really well, and I use it for overnight trips as well:tup:
    neverfull 1.jpg neverfull 2.jpg
  4. be aware of the thin shoulder straps of neverfull. thin shoulder straps tend to hurt your shoulders when the bag is heavy.
  5. I don't think they are alike either as the Palermo GM has a zipper and an adjustable/detachable shoulder strap and the Nevefull GM is an open bag. I think the Palermo GM is very similar to the Cabas Mezzo but the Palermo is slightly bigger.

    Why do you have to wait for 6 months to buy the Palermo GM? You wouldn't get a discount unless your an actual LV employee, so do you really have to wait that long to buy it even if your a Neiman employee? Sorry, just curious...

    If you buy the Neverfull GM, I suggest you buy a Neverfull bottom shaper or make a bottom out of heavy cardboard to keep the bottom of the bag stiff. Especially since you plann to carry your laptop in it.

    Good luck with your decision!
  6. I don't think they're alike at all.
  7. I am not really a fan of either bag, sorry.
  8. Not a fan of neverfull, it looks like i can dump my laundry into it haha.

    I got the palermo. A good bag for work
  9. palermo
  10. Yeah the palermo is the winner! Oh and yes being that louis vuitton is a lease space from Neimans, I still have to wait 6 months! ahhhh. Customers get first dibbs ;)
  11. id get both
  12. This is a bit of an older post, but I am now in the same position (sort of). I need an LV that I can carry for work that will be both fun and timeless. The Cabas, Chelsea, and Palermo are at the top of my list. I definitely need a zipper at the top -- otherwise I'd be considering a neverfull...
  13. I would really say Palermo. I have a Palermo GM, and I love it with my laptop in it haha. I use a sleeve of course to protect the laptop from everything else. I bring the laptop with an extra battery so I dont have to keep the plug with it.
  14. i just bought a Palermo GM yesterday! and today I bring it to work.. I first thought that the bag was too big for me but then after a while, I think its just perfect! Glad that I bought it!! :smile:
  15. Agree with REYNALD0C. I vote for Palermo GM. I own Palermo GM and Neverfull MM. Palermo GM is totally amazing, you won't wrong :tup: