Never Fear.......

  1. For the Onatah in leather will soon be here!
  2. no way!?! What kind of leather?
  3. okaaaay, THAT I might be interested in!
  4. oooooohhhh...aaahhhhhhhhhh.........YUMMY!
  5. that sounds interesting.....i'm dying to see what it looks like :smile:
  6. I don't know what kind of leather but I think that will be a VERY HOT bag!!! I am so excited I can't wait!
  7. woohoo! i think so too.

    thanks for the update susu!

  8. Sure no problem!!
  9. I really want to see what it look like.
  10. I'm curious too as well.
  11. Hmm, interesting. I can see that this bag would be intriguing but I'd have to see it IRL. I'm not so much into the hobo thing anymore.
  12. Interesting, I wonder how the leather will look, and if they'd stick with a monogram !
  13. I Can't Wait To See!
  14. [​IMG]

    hehe, Im just kidding. A leather onatah sounds fab! Thanks for the info:love: