Never experienced this before......

  1. I took my baby cabas out today for her maiden voyage and not 1 but 3 people commented on her! :p WOW even my SA at Saks (shoe salon) told me she's been dying for one and cannot get her hands on one. Just wanted to share. I thought it was kind of funny.
  2. what a great feeling for you! enjoy her!:yes:
  3. I get complimented on that too way more than any other bag, especially in the Chanel stores.
  4. ..oh, how could they not :p
    With such a stunning bag your bound to have a "fan club":lol: :lol:
  5. Z&J, me too! LOL
    isn't it a great feeling ha ha ha...
    alhtough i thought that i was being shallow and liked people to envy me, but hey... that made me feel better LOL

    enjoy the bag! i know i've been enjoying mine so much, i don't think i would be wearing any of my other bags for some times :p
  6. that's only natural for such a beauty!
  7. enjoy your cabat! it's a lovely bag!
  8. Yes indeed! hahaha~ The baby cabas surely stand out in the crowd! What a wonderful feeling :smile:
  9. Makes sense - it's such a gorgeous bag!! :love: :love:

    Enjoy your baby cabas!!
  10. is a gorgeous bag.
    I get compliments on my baby Khaki Cabas all the time!
  11. That always happens to me with my red mc e/w tote for some reason. Not the black one though.