Never expected to see my unicorn Bal at my favourite local consignment shop!! (Reveal)

Camaro Chic

LVoe Hermes!
Dec 6, 2011
Southern U.S.A.
No strip tease here, she's too beautiful to be shy. 2012 Lagon City (right?? Still learning :nuts: ) I have wanted this gorgeous classic shape and lusted after Lagon and I can never find them together for anything that can even remotely be called affordable...

And I'd never seen the colour in person until I saw a flash of teal just above eye level from across the room at my favourite local consignment boutique when I popped in to pick up a necklace... my jaw hit the floor and i was over there in a trice, finding her almost at the bottom of a pile of beautiful bags that paled in comparison! I did a double take when I saw the plastic on the tag and the gleam of Bal leather that's barely seen the light of day... this bag is in incredible condition!

I expected the tag to reflect such until I flipped it over and saw $695... and then the lovely shop owner told me that since we had been chatting and she knew I was buying bags for some local ladies who needed a boost this holiday season and were going without even a single gift... "You can have 20% off everything, girl."

$555?!?! SOLD! I don't care how banned I am! :cutesy:

Nobody does teal/turquoise like Bal :loveeyes: and she now joins her 05 and 11 Turquoise Twiggy and First sisters in my closet. Perhaps it's time to seriously pursue Magenta and step away from Bal Teal...

...Of course now that I've seen 2013 Teal I already have a new BalenciLUSTa...


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May 18, 2014
Republic of OneRepublic
Congrats on this beauty and what a great price! Lagon is definitely on my wishlist (even though I have never seen it IRL). You always have such great luck with many hard to find lvoely items (if i remember correctly such as a sold-out figue Pochette?). Enjoy.


Sep 7, 2014
Congrats again (just saw her & commented in a different thread)...that color is fantastic!!!

Miss World

Nov 6, 2006
Thank you all :love: here's a better picture of the colour. She's got her own seat on my flight :lolots:
I love how proud you are of the bag! That's how everyone should feel when they buy a new bag. The color is absolutely gorgeous and it looks surprisingly beautiful against the blue plane seat. Congrats, enjoy this beauty! :love:
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Dec 31, 2008
She is an absolute beauty and I love that she had her own seat on a flight!! :lol:
Congratulations and can I also say how lovely of you to be helping some local ladies out of the dumps this holiday season - what a thoughtful act. It's not always a good time for people around this time of year so that would have been hugely appreciated I'm sure.
And I :heart: that the SA gave you an additional 20% off!
Talk about paying it forward!
Happy new year to you and to all the tPF community xx :smile:
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