Never Exchange, Always Return/Repurchase

  1. Hi all, I wanted to share a story. The moral of the story is Never Exchange, Always Return/Repurchase.

    On Nov 18 my mom and I went to the boutique in the Houston Galleria. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but long story short, there was a Palm Springs mini that I bought impulsively. I bought because it was hard to find, not because I really wanted it. I didn't have my preferred credit card with me (since I wasn't planning on buying anything that day) my mom graciously offered to put it on her card, and I'd pay her back.

    Within the 14 day return window, I regretted my impulse purchase and took the PS mini back on Dec 1. That day my mom chose a Clery for herself and I chose a Croisette. I paid for the Croisette with my own card this time.

    We asked the SA to process the return on the PS mini and then my mom would buy the Clery (For Herself). The SA insisted it was easier to Do an Exchange, since it was all happening with my mom's card. We said OK since she said it was easier "and you don't want too many charges on the card".

    Today, Dec 5, only four days later, my mom decided to return the bag (so she could buy the same one at Saks....for the Chase rebates there). The SA refused to allow the return, saying it was Past the 14 days of Original Puchase Date of Nov 18. The Manager also refused to allow the return. My parents had to argue with them until my mom finally said, "the original purchase was for my Daughter. This purchase is for Me. The SA knew this. I told the SA to do a Return/Repurchase but she insisted on an Exchange." So the SA knowingly took away my mom's right to a 14 day return window on this bag.

    The Manager finally agreed. Then the SA told my parents, "Don't come back and buy anything until you are Sure about what you want."

    So.....I hope this helps someone. If you do an Exchange, you don't have 14 days to return the exchanged item. I know this is to prevent people from endlessly exchanging and prolonging the return period by 2 weeks every time. But since our situation was different (first bag was for me, second bag for my mom), that wasn't what we were trying to do. And it was made much worse by the SA misleading us into the Exchange and then lecturing my parents not to come back.

    So.....always Return and Repurchase. Never Exchange!

    Also, go to Saks to buy your LV in the Houston Galleria!
  2. I posted elsewhere that this SA was the nicest I've ever interacted with, that day I bought the Palm Springs mini. What an about-face she showed my parents today.
  3. Wow, sorry you had that experience. Especially that snide comment about "Don't come back and buy anything until you are Sure about what you want." How rude! I have done a couple exchanges without any issues.

    I was reading a review online where someone had your exact experience. That person was told even if you did a return and made a purchase the same day, it it would still give you the same return window since they were done on the same day. :huh: So maybe it's best to do the return and then come back another day for the new purchase.

    Overall I try not to buy LV items on impulse. My exchanges were for SLGs so maybe they were nicer because the purchases were small to begin with.
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  4. She should have explained that to you upfront. I just recently did an exchange in store because I had used PayPal when purchasing online. As I was doing so the SA carefully explained that the time window from the original purchase was applicable and if I wanted a refund he recommended I send the bag back. I decided to go forward with the exchange but really appreciated having all the info to make the right decision for me.
  5. The SA should have listened to you the first time you went back. I suppose all branded stores have the same policy? I went back to chanel to change for a different cardholder and the SA told me that I cannot do another return or exchange anymore.
  6. great information! Thanks!
    I have not returned any of my purchases yet (fingers crossed) because several years ago I accompanied my friend to exchange her bag for the same style same color that only purchased 2 days in prior, was refused and insulted.

    so if I bought and found out didn't work for me, I just resold them even just had for few weeks (lost some money of course).

    glad your case finally worked out for you, and the Galleria is wonderful, I could spent days there :P will definitely check out the Saks on my next visit. :smile:
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  7. I'm sorry about your experience. I've always hated walking into that boutique. I don't live in TX but I visited Houston earlier this year and I passed by to check out the boutique and the experience was not at all pleasant.
  8. haha, I so wished you said that to his face :P
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  9. Yes. Yes. Yes. *This* should be the moral of my story.
    Also yes! Yet another moral to my story.
  10. I’m so sorry to hear that you and your parents had go through this negative experience at LV. I’m glad it worked out in the end though. This is helpful into and thank you for sharing it.
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  11. Wow! I understand why they have the exchange/return policy but I feel the, "Don't come back and buy anything until you are sure about what you want" was very unnecessary. Especially when it was their fault to begin with that you did the exchange and not the return. I'll keep this in mind though the next time I shop! Thanks for the information.
  12. Yes. If she had explained that doing an exchange meant the Original Purchase date was still applicable (basically a 1 day return window, since I returned on the 13th day), I am Positive my mom would not have bought ANYTHING that day.

    We don't abuse the return policy, but it is something we like to's super hard to keep a clear head in the boutique, and sometimes you only get clarity once you've got the item at home and can think without all the hullabaloo at the store.

    It was nice of the SA to clarify that for you.
  13. Yes, it's quite literally a zoo in that boutique. People two-to-three deep at the counter...the Saks is the complete opposite, very quiet and serene....a spa like atmosphere.

    I only got roped in to buying at the boutique because they had that darn Palm Springs mini.
  14. I think this experience is worthy of following up with corporate. Have you thought about it? That SA was over the top rude and definitely not warranted.
  15. i agree with OP, i learned the hard way with an online purchase. i thought if i exchanged, i would have 14 days to evaluate. with shipping, that was cut to literally no time to return. fortunately, i was able to get them to make a one time exception, but honestly i will never do that again. i will simply return and start again. i hadn't considered the same day issue. who would have thought that you would need to wait a day for the next purchase in order for it not to merge with the original one. oh well, now we know.
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