Never Enough Handbags

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  1. Hi I am a newbie so thought I would put some pictures of my ever growing handbag collection. I started a few years ago with a Gucci handbag and got the nickname Guccisam and since then my passion for handbags has grown and grown :biggrin:. I dont really know anyone who understands my love for handbags and shoes so am delighted to have found this!! My husband even built me a cupboard to store my handbags in which has been named "handbag house" by my friends. This is a couple of my latest additions

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  2. Welcome to tPF! Great collection so far! I love the rich purple hue of that Dior bag!
  3. Thanks for sharing! Your husband is so sweet to have built you a bag cupboard!
  4. Thanks for sharing. The purple one is my favorite!
  5. Hi thanks for messages :smile:

    I have taken pictures of some more of my collection

    handbag 001.JPG

    handbag 002.JPG

    handbag 003.JPG

    handbag 005.JPG

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  6. lovely, thank you for sharing
  7. very nice! a+!
  8. Beautiful collection... i love the purple DIOR.
  9. i love your patent Blake!!
  10. Welcome and nice collection!
  11. Fabulous collection! :nuts:

    This one is my fave:


    :love: Thanks for sharing!
  12. Nice collection.. Keep on investing your money in worth-buying bags! :tup:
  13. nice collection :woohoo:
  14. Collect, collect! Nice Collections!
  15. love your collection so far :smile: The Dior is a beautiful color