Never ending teething

  1. For about the past month dd has been teething like crazy and still has no teeth. She has been drooling like crazy, thankfully the pain only seems to bother her at night and as soon as I get some oragel on her gums she feels so much better. For about the past week I can see the shape and size of the teeth on the bottom through the gums.

    I had no idea it would take this long. Has anyone else gone through the same with their kids? As soon as I saw the teeth beneath her gums I assumed it wouldn't take this long. On average how long does it take for the teeth to break through once you can see them beneath the gums?

    I feel so bad for her. I just wish it would go faster for her!
  2. My DS had the same experience with his bottom teeth, I have noticed his bottom gum bulging first, however the upper ones are first to break through the gums. I asked the Pediatrician and he said not to worry and sometimes it takes longer for bottom ones to actually come out due to thicker bottom gums. My DS didn’t have a hard time through teething though, he never got sick nor do I have to give him orajel. I feed him bottle and food straight from the fridge since he was 3 MO old so the coldness of the foods is enough to suit him. It was easier for me cutting down the warming time and much easier for him during the teething days.
  3. Thanks for responding treck! I never knew the bottom gums were thicker. Cold stuff also works for dd. We sometimes put ice or frozen breast milk in these munchkin thingies.

  4. My daughter has been going through the same thing.

    Hyland's teething tablets really help her.

    She has been chewing on everything lately and still no teeth. She will be 9 months old in a week and half.

    How is your DD?
  5. You're welcome scarlett. I have the same teething feeder but I didn't use it since DS didn't have a hard time teething.
    How old is your DD?
  6. Treck, your DS is a month older than my daughter. How many teeth does he have now?

    Does DS mean son and DD mean daughter?
  7. Hi omgsweet!
    My son has 2 upper teeth, actually its almost going to be 4 upper teeth since i can see the whitish color on his upper gums again. I just checked and still no bottom teeth breaking the gums but it is bulging.

    My Pediatrician prescribe some vitamins with fluoride on his 9MO visit. My DS is on ready to drink formula so he isn't getting the fluoride that is present on drinking tap water. That plus genes, my niece didn't have her first tooth until after 14MO.
  8. She's 6 months old. :smile:
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I might have to pick some up this week. Do they carry them at Target?
  10. my daughter is 2 and still teething!!!! LOL (even though she already has mouth full of teeth!!!) she had one tooth for the longest time ----

    this little boy's parents recommended that i should order this thing called Amber Teething Necklace and i found it on eBay and ordered it....

    it was cute little necklace and my daughter wore it for over a year or so (except for at night)..... she hardly ever drool. it was crazy!!!

    i don't know if it ever eased her pain....i never gave her any med for teething though, but i really think this amber teething necklace helped!!! if anything, it was cute! =D

    one of them actually broke and i ordered new one with knots in between....she wore it until she actually bit a piece off and it was time to stop. we're waiting on her back teeth now....and she seems to only teeth on full moon nights! now children's motrin is helping us all~

    good luck!
  11. ^Oh wow, I had no idea children could teeth that long! I might have to check out that necklace when dd gets a little older. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I hope the last of your daughters teething goes by quickly!
  12. I'm pretty sure they do have them at target.

    I hope your baby feels better soon! :heart:
  13. ^ Thank you!:smile:
  14. my son tends to get a lot of teeth at once, usually around 2 to 4 at a time. at the moment we are on the last two sets of back teeth, and they are terrible. it takes forever, they are huge and he is bothered all the time. i really hope this is over soon. especially since it is four in one go.

    I really feel for you, and it can last the longest time. the first time i thought he was teething was at 3 months but actually what happens is that 'the teeth shoot in' as we say here. that is a straight translation, and I think wha they mean is that the tooth buds are developing or something. anyway, it can still take a while until the first teeth actually come out.

    all the best!
  15. ^Thanks Laura! Dh and I have been waiting in anticipation for them to come in. The top part is already through the gum. So we are hoping it wont be too much longer!

    I hope the last of your sons teeth come in quick!