Never ending project, need encouragement.

  1. OK...I admit it, I am such a procrastinator...and a pack rat :push:

    Last June...that's right..last June, I decided to clean up my 2 rooms that can get and were quite messy and 'barbie' room and my office. Because I am such a pack rat, I try and make sure to keep 'mess' to those 2 rooms, so I don't drive my DH too crazy, but my dolls and arts & crafts had started to spread to other closets and rooms.

    I have done well, I donated and sold a bunch of dolls and got the rest back into their room...but the office still is not finished, even though it is much better :sad:

    I worked on it today, but there is still so much. I built a really large Ikea bookcase for the room and my goal was to get all my arts and crafts in to that, I told myself if it didn't fit in there, it had to go....but it is packed and I still have stuff elsewhere...I am cutting myself a little slack, because I really like having arts, crafts and party supplies on hand...not for myself, but for the kids ;) and me

    So I told DH, this is what I want for valentines day:


    But that's it!!!Between this, the bookself and a few other storage places in the officehat should be quite enough, no family on the planet needs more than that!

    So all you great organizers and me out...give me your tips and encouragement.
  2. Aww... I love being organized too but am also a little too overwhelmed lately with work and school, so everything's a mess around the apartment at the moment! :push:

    The arts and crafts cabinet-organizer you're getting looks awesome, and I just wanted to say good luck! It's such a great feeling when you're finally finished cleaning!
  3. Oh, man Twink, you are my ideal of organized! (think back to your pics on your Barbie thread.) My spare room/studio literally looks like a hurricane hit in there. DH joked the other day that the only reason we keep the puppy gate up in the doorway isn't so the dogs won't go in and eat the cat's dry food, it's to contain the stuff on the tables, bookshelves and dressers in case they collapse. But I've got things like heavy Texas Flint, Vined walking sticks, Priority boxes by the ton, and all kinds of jewelry stuff scattered all over. I need a organizer!!

    Keep going hon, it'll be worth it when it's done! I'm afraid to start! Something will fall over and they won't find my nody til Spring!
  4. I just love pottery barn, hold everything, IKEA, Real Simple magazine...all these glorious photos of perfectly organized files/folders/you name it.

    BUZZZZZZZZZ. Guess what! We live in real life, NOT in a magazine or catalogue, LOL! I always remind myself of this when I come home and procrastinate tackling that one pesky junk drawer or the kitchen pots & pans cupboard that can turn into a house of cards, hee hee. But of course these glorious pics are SO dang inspiring!

    BTW love that wall organizer!

    So, when I get overwhelmed I just set a goal to tackle something small and crank up really good music to keep me energized. More often than not, my goal to finish cleaning out one drawer or one area will gain momentum and I'll get on a roll and do so much more!
  5. I need one of those for my cube at work!!!
  6. I'm so jealous you sold Barbie stuff and I had no idea about this sale!!!
  7. Geez Tink, I love that it big enough?:roflmfao:
    That's what happens in our house, I get so hung up on organizing I end up with more stuff than I started out with!:lol:

    Yeah that's my excuse too, but DH says it's February now, I won't have to wait long if I start now!:rolleyes::lol:
  8. Wish I could help ya Tink but I have nothing to offer other than encouragement. It's tough enough trying to get housework done with my 1 year old. Everything is everywhere. I swear, I feel like laundry is neverending sometimes. You can always check out the container store if you haven't already. They have some pretty cool ideas for storage. Good luck!
  9. Start with the easiest tasks, or the closest object close to you that needs to be relocated.
    You can organise them in categories:
    - Keep
    - Charity
    - Sell

    Let one of your friends of family members join you... That will be motivating and fun !

    Hope I helped :smile:
  10. Thanks for the encouragement :heart:

    LOL, I hear you about the priority boxes :p. Thanks the Barbie room is still semi organized, those pics were taken right after the clean up of course ;) but I have kept it pretty well.

    Oh Pursegrrrl, you are so right!!! Life is so much more important the a 'perfect' mom was a OCD cleaner, who vacuumed 2-3 times a day amoung her many cleaning quirks...I remember rushing in from school one day, when my mom stopped me and said, "where are going?" I answered "The restroom, I have to go NOW."...With a big sigh she told me, "I just vacuumed in there, go use the pool house bathroom"....:wtf:
    Yeah, she had (and still has) issues :upsidedown:.

    You're right about the momentum, too...since starting the clean up, I did the Kitchen, kids rooms, and mud room (which was such a catch all for stuff)..which is why I am finally back to the office after the initial clean up.
  11. Isn't it cute! I especially love the ribbon holder!

    LOL, I really only sold some high end stuff on some doll boards...I did give away 5 huge boxes of play stuff to women's and childrens center, so it went for a good cause.

    I will be doing a contest in my Barbie thread though watch for that. I ordered 3 barbie bags for the contest and I am still waiting for 1 to soon as it does, we will have a contest :smile:

    LOL, I am glad I am not I organize I oftten say, "oh, were out of balloons?" Or this or that ;)

    This organizer is just adding on to the huge Ikea bookcase..this would never be big enough in
  12. Thanks !! That is exactly what I do, along with garbage. I usually work alone though, since I am at home more...but I will put on music, or the soaps for background noise.

    Thanks MJ, encouragement is enough :smile:

    I hear you on the never ends!!!