Never ending buys for Chanel

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  1. [​IMG]

    In the process of uploading pictures :P
  2. Yay! I like to live vicariously through TPF'ers. :smile:
  3. :popcorn:
  4. Yay! Reveal! Reveal! :yahoo:
  5. Yay a live one!
  6. :popcorn: :woohoo:
  7. My internet is killing me..

    revealing the first mini box...

  8. A little closer up

  9. oooh! They're gorgeous!!!
    I love the pearls on them
  10. i'm here waiting too!
  11. jperiwinkle: Thanks :smile: i was browsing the earrings, and somehow this design caught my attention. They have it in silver too.

    Revealing the 2nd box:


    My first chanel reissue wallet in calfskin.
  12. it would've definitely caught my attention as well!
    I'm currently drooling all over my mac :drool:

    Loving the wallet as well! Such a classic!
  13. great wallet ~ never saw this one!
  14. Wow! Very nice!
  15. fantastic wallet!!! Love it.