Never buying Valentino again - very upset

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  1. Hi,

    I previously posted a thread here a few weeks ago about quality issues with my rock stud flats. After 3 wears of my shoe, they ended up scratched. Pictures below, I have no idea how this happened.

    I haven't been anywhere on rough pavements to warrant the kind of damage to a £460 shoe. I have much cheaper shoes and this doesn't happen.

    So anyway, I contacted Harrods where I purchased from and emailed them pics. To which they told me to return the shoe to be 'investigated'. They came back after a week to say as it is not a manufacturing defect there is nothing they can except send them to
    Valentino to inspect.

    After another week or so of waiting, Valentino have come back and said the same thing. They will not offer a replacement, or even a repair. I escalated it to a manager and she basically told me I was being unreasonable!

    They also said because I still had my heel grips on this added to them thinking it is all a bit 'concerning' and as the shows are not in original condition. I explained heel grips is a perfectly normal thing to wear in shoes as I never expected to have to return them. This added to their 'concerns'.

    Can you guys please offer opinions - Am I unreasonable to expect these are fixed by the store? Is it unreasonable I have been without my shoes for 3 weeks for this to be the end result? Am I being unreasonable to even have complained about this?

    Can these be repaired? I have no idea what to do, I have been so upset about this. I had a pair of 100 rock studs last week unworn which I returned today because I am so Disgusted by this whole thing. No way am I spending £600 with Valentino for this to happen again.

    Anyone considering rock studs, beware! Certainly do not opt for Matte leather with their cheap quality crap. I have lots of Louboutins and this never happens.

  2. Hi, really sorry that you're dealing with this issue! For me personally, I think I would classify this issue as wear and tear rather than a defect. I totally understand that this sort of thing is tough to swallow after only a few wears, but with regular leather (even if it's high-end leather), these scratches can happen on the first wear if you accidentally hit a rough spot. Could it be possible that you accidentally scraped it somewhere without noticing?

    I live in San Francisco, and it's basically an inevitability that shoes are going to get torn up due to all of the walking around, no matter how high end they are. I have definitely had these issues when I accidentally dragged a shoe or tripped or something and torn up Louboutin or Chloe flats, even ones that are close to new. It's just part of the hazard of wearing nice things so close to the ground.

    Have you tried taking the shoes to a good cobbler? They've done wonders with so many types of my shoes in the past.

  3. Thank you for your reply. I returned them because it has never ever happened to any shoes even my cheap ones. It seems with these I am just unlucky then. I haven't taken them to a cobbler as Harrods has had them the last three weeks investigating them and still haven't returned them which has saddened me even more. I even sent them pics initially for them to analyse and they told me to send them in and they will sort. Why put me through all this to no avail?
  4. Harrods have their own cobbler now (on the 5th floor), maybe ask for their opinion on if they are repairable - perhaps you can come to some agreement with Valentino if they are repaired 'in house' - just a suggestion ... Good luck.

  5. Thank you. This makes me more frustrated though in that I even asked Harrods how/where to repair and they said nothing they can do and they can't help. They could have a t least offered to repair. I don't think I'll be shopping in Harrods again anytime soon.

  6. I totally understand your frustration. I actually had a similar situation where I bought a pair of Valentino Rockstud booties, and the strap tore in half after only about 5 times of wear. I was about 15 days outside of the return policy, but Saks said that I could send them back and they would inspect them in the warehouse to see if they're eligible for a refund. After over a month, they sent the booties back to me and said it was "normal wear-and-tear" rather than a defect. But I don't know care how hard you pull on a thick leather strap, it should NOT break after only 5 times of wear. I ended up sending pictures to a manager, who denied the return and said it was normal wear and tear, and then I spoke to another manager, who finally acknowledged that $1300 boots should not have the straps snapping after only a month.

    I ended up getting my money back, but it was certainly a very, very long process.

  7. Wow this has given me motivation to carry on pursuing things. You're absolutely right it should not
    Snap after five wears. The same as the scratch in mine. The thing is, it's not even a scratch the leather is actually peeling away.

    I am writing another complaint to Harrods before visiting in person, will let you know how I get on.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear that.. well, gotta get your own hands dirty if you want to get things done! Such an arduous process, but it's like getting a raise at work - no one's going to offer you more money or benefits freely, you just have to ask :beach: Good luck! Now I'm rethinking getting the matte leather..

  9. Thank you. I knew matte would be less durable but didn't think it would be this bad! I love patent for durability but they are so much less comfortable. I find my Louboutins so much better quality, I really should have stuck to them.
  10. Good Luck; I'm surprised at Harrods they are normally quite accommodating. I returned a pair of Jimmy Choos last year because the gold metal at the toe end became tarnished after one wear and they returned them straight away.

  11. They agreed to repair them free of charge in the end. I had them returned to me this week after Harrods kept them 6 weeks in total while we tried to resolve. They look almost as they did...

    View attachment 3356284

    After inspecting them, the materials are so cheap and the soles not comfortable at all. I would say they probably cost not a lot to make, quality is poor in general.

    Definitely goodbye to valentinos I think for me! I will stick to one pair for my collection and return to my other brands
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463328928.321180.jpg

    The repaired shoe
  13. Oh thats good, they look alot better. I was seriously going to go to Harrods tomorrow and buy a pair of these shoes which is why I went on to the forum this morning to read some reviews. After reading your post I am now having second thoughts. I'll have to buy a purse instead!

    I'm pleased that you finally got them sorted :smile:

  14. They do look much better but I definitely think your money will be better spent elsewhere. The craftsmanship is very poor generally. Even before they had the leather issue I wasn't happy with the quality. Not comfortable either - I would expect some comfort on the soles of these shoes but it feels like you are literally walking on the pavement in them.
  15. I'm glad they were able to repair them pretty well. Sorry rockstuds have not worked out for you.