Never buy used bags from Vegas... Lesson regretfully learned.

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    So I finally went out and got a used bag.. the color was exactly what I wanted, and the price was right, so I overcame my suspicions and fear and pressed the buy now button. Well, it came as described and quickly, but it REAKS of VEGAS!! When I tracked it and saw Nevada, a little voice inside my head said "Oh oh..." lol.. It smells like a fountain, a cigarette, and the forum shops.. It's on the outside and the inside. I did a search, but nothing sounded definite to me, so I've decided to clean it.. only thing is, it's a metallic leather. I have coach cleaner and conditioner (got it from my bf- who knew he was so down with the leather products?? He even had Apple guard.. weird), should I go for it? Is it really that bad of an idea?? I'm desperate... HELP!! :shocked::weird::shrugs:

    ps. I can smell this bag from across the couch.. it's bad.. but oh so pretty. Damn it!!
  2. I can't help with the outside, but if you put baking soda in an old stocking, tie it off, and set it on something (so it doesn't poof out all over the inside of your bag), close it up and leave it for a few days, most of the smell should come out of the inside.
  3. I'd contact the seller and inquire about a partial refund. In fact, if the odor was not disclosed you could probably arrange for a return at the seller's cost as the item was not as described. I wouldn't want someone's old, stinky bag (unless of course, it was disclosed in the auction and I knew what I was getting). HTH!
  4. Newbie here, long time lurker! This might work - go to Home Depot and buy Perky Pucks. They are ceramic discs that are used to remove all types of odors and I have a friend who swears by them. She used it when she bought a used car that reeked of smoke and was very happy after 2 days.
  5. I've heard some ladies putting baking soda (not pouring the thing in the bag, but rather put it in a small container and place inside and outside the bag) to remove the smell.
  6. I had a vintage, OOAK clutch come once that REEKED of smoke. Because it was vintage and OOAK, I didn't want to send it back immediately, so I stuffed it full of dryer sheets for a few days. For one of the days, I left it outside (with the dryer sheets) on my patio table so the wind and sun could do its work (it was a nice, 70 degree dry day) and it worked! The smoke smell went away!

    I do have to say that the clutch was patent leather, so I'm not sure I'd do the outside thing with a more delicate leather, or all day, but it worked for me!
  7. Anna- that sounds good, I think I'll try it, thanks (And welcome!)
    Slsk- It's currently hanging on a doorknob stuffed with dryer sheets. Thanks!
    Shop2drop- I can't return it.. I love it too much and it was dirt cheap for what it is.. :smile:
    Balnciaga-boy and seresy- Thanks, I'll try that next.. (I'm out of baking soda)

    Thanks everybody! Really good suggestions.. Question: So I shouldn't try to clean or condition the metallic leather?
  8. You're welcome! And thank you! LOL

    Just thought of this- have you gone to your local dry cleaner and asked them if they clean and deodorize bags? They clean bags at ours. I'm just afraid if you clean it yourself, you might damage the metallic leather!
  9. I would not try to clean or condition the outside. The leather has some kind of coating to make it "metallic" and I think any cleaner or conditioner would probably ruin the finish. Try airing it out for a few days with any of the above methods and see how it goes. :yes:
  10. what you can also do is if that doesn't work, put it in a container with those twist off air freshners, so the smell can saturate itself and see if it would over power the stench. If not take it to the cleaners I am sure they can get rid of it.

  11. ITA, don't touch the outside of a metallic bag. :nogood:
  12. Oh alright.. lol.. I won't do anything to it.. :shucks:
  13. Can you try to open the inside and have it facing a fan to get fresh air? I had a bag given to me that smelled of perfume (I hated the smell) and I sprayed the inside with Lysol and then opened the bag wide and sat it in front of a fan. The smell was gone in one day.
  14. I'll try the fan, but the Lysol scares me, although it sounds like that would do the trick. Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. i've used dryer sheets to place inside of handbags that smell. i use more than one. like almost a handful.