Never bought tano but...

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  1. The french nanny looks really cute- is it a really, really lightweight bag? lightweight is crucial. also is the zipper easy to zip, like w/ one hand? thanks guys
  2. One hand! You can zip the bag in with one hand, if your other hand is full, really!! And it is super light-weight. If you pick it up empty, you are almost surprised at how lightweight it is because of the generous size. Such a good price, too. Lots of colors to choose from. Probably a great introduction bag to Tano, I'd say!
  3. Tanos are VERY lightweight!! I had a french nanny once (although I sold it as it just was not me) but it was very lightweight with a very comfy shoulder strap!!
  4. My Tano's are some the lightest weight bags I own.
  5. Super light weight.... and a French Nanny is a perfect first Tano!
  6. Another newbie question, is the french nanny style considered "young"? i have the coach leather zoe in leather (which IS heavy IMO) but i'm wondering if tano styles would look odd on an older woman (ie grandmother)? just curious about that. thanks for your help
  7. My Mom is 66, and she has a whole array of Tanos, including a very funky Butane Jane in pineapple! Anyone can carry Tanos.

    I have a French Nanny in blaze, and I LOVE IT! Go for it, mema08!
  8. A French Nanny was my first Tano and I still love it! It is super lightweight - which was a huge selling point for me. Even filled up it's still lighter than most bags (unless of course you do something silly like fill it with rocks :P) But I think it's a classic looking bag and incredibly functional - you will wear it wonderfully!
  9. Totally agree!

    The FN is a great bag, I often put it away and every time I take it out I discover again why I love it SO much, and yes - for all ages!!!!
  10. I would agree...FN, is very lightweight, comfortable on your shoulders...and a bag for any age....I think you would love it!