Never been to Paris

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  1. I am sure you fellow TPFers will know the answer to this ...

    A friend recently went to Paris and said that hermes bags are sold in many places, not just the Hermes stores. Where else are they sold? She said bags were sold in random shops around the city and that they were all authentic.

    Is selling knock offs in Paris absolutely forbidden and enforced?

    Could she have been seeing fakes?

  2. Des Puces is a covered flea market outside the city that has a few vintage/re-sell Hermes bags. I am not good at authenticating bags and therefore cannot say wether they were real or not. They were few and far between to find though. I was not comfortable spending that amount of money with the unsurity~
  3. I don't think I would ever buy something like a Birkin from anywhere other than Hermes TBH
  4. favorhermes - There was a recent revival of a thread on fake Birkins being sold by resellers in Paris. In some cases the goods were so well done experienced resellers had been fooled. But I think there might be some real tricksters out there that know they are selling fakes. My guess is the customer gets so wrapped up in being in Paris (and who wouldn't) and thinking they are getting an H bargain that they are more easily fooled.
  5. Only buy at Hermes!!! I saw on my last trip alot of "Authentic" Hermes in Paris....almost all were very very good fakes, :yucky: Why buy fake & spend so much money when there are 3 Hermes boutiques in Paris that get shipments almost daily?:shrugs: Selling fakes is forbidden but frankly not as well enforced as it should be.:sad:
    Stick to the Hermes shops & you will never have to second guess:yes::flowers:

  6. I agree .... but this friend saidthey were authentic sellers of hermes bags. That they are sold in many stores around the city. I am assuming that some department stores there sell hermes legitamately, but not sure about other stores.
  7. Same here. I think to be on the same side you should stick to Hermes.
  8. There are quite a few resale shops in Paris and if they have any Hermes bags they are usually displayed in the window. Maybe this is what your friend noticed?

  9. maybe. I asked her what the main store was like (assuming she found her birkin there) and she said that it is different in Paris and there are many stores that sell hermes bags. I took it they were new.
  10. Hermes does have selling space in some of the major department stores (Printemps for sure, not certain about the others) but these are small boutiques. Not the kind of place you'll find piles of Birkins- think the airport concessions, rather than a full-fledged Hermes shop. I did see a lot of resellers with one or two Hermes bags in stock when i was in Paris, but would not buy from them because I'm no expert on authenticity.