Never been to a Gucci sale...what's there?

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  1. I've never ever been to a Gucci fact, I only recently (last month or so) fell in love with Gucci! Right now I'm debating between the pelham with white trim and the large biba hobo with brown trim...

    Will any of these be on sale? If not, what WILL be on sale? Also, if I buy a Gucci bag in stores, and see it on sale, will there be a price adjustment? Will I be able to return it and REBUY it at the cheaper price? :confused1: I don't know if I should take the risk and buy BEFORE or DURING the sale..

    Sorry for the 21 questions..I'm just super excited to get my first Gucci!! I feel like buying EVERYTHING but realize I should take it slow and enjoy each bag as they come. Thanks so much for everyone's help so far, I'm really excited to join the PF community :wlae:
  2. Usually the "classic" styles don't go on sale. But you never know until the first day what exactly will be on sale.

    As far as getting a price adjustment. I don't think they do that. I know they have only a 10 day return policy. So if you buy it within that 10 days you can always just return it and rebuy the one on sale.

    All sales are final on all sale items.
  3. Wow, thanks for the info :smile: I'll keep that in mind -- thanks again!