Never again.

  1. i'm never buying anything but Coach again. i had my BRAND NEW kooba bonnie in a cloth tote (americana by sharif) that i occasionally have used for traveling. both in brand new condition, hung above 2 chairs that we use to set our currently used bags and jackets near our front door in our house. my cat decided to sit on that chair, reach up, and chew the everliving sh...t out of my bonnie through that tote. i'm SO lucky it was in the tote and not out sitting alone (which would never happen anyway) because he woudl have shredded it. i can see exactly what he did.

    i love my bonnie, but it's going to an extremely safe place until the wedding i have to go to in June. period.

    other than that, i'm a coach girl for life.

    oh yeah, i kicked my cats ass and we are currently not speaking. he got his face shoved in kooba leather. i wish thats the way my parents scolded me. jerk.

    PICTURES to follow :crybaby:

    oh yeah and the kooba got a crease in it somehow... and i will have pix of that mystery crap as well.
  2. I'm so sorry for you! Can't wait to see pics
  3. :sad: :cursing: :cursing: :cry:im so sorry

    kitty this is whos gonna come give u a swift bop in the head NO CHEWING ON NICE BAGS!:boxing:
    LEFT -kitty RIGHT-Jess :lecture:
  4. ViciousBliss! How could all of that happened??!!?? I am speechless!! My two cats find glory and joy in everything I own, too. But, that's just awful......and, what's with that crease thing?? Well, I'm so sorry that it happened. :push: :push: :push:
  5. Sorry to hear that - bad kitty!!
  6. Vicious, I'm so sorry! what a horrible thing to have happen!
  7. The bag's in-the cat would be out!:confused1:
  8. ok ladies so as i take and choose pictures, i'll add them here. it's hard to get a good pic, i tried with and without flash... i'm borrowing someones GHETTO AWFUL (notice how it's not ghetto fabulous) digital camera for a while, and it's just a dink.... so here are the first:

    omg i forgot to add pix... sry one moment lol
  9. Ohh nooooo! Bad kitty!! I wouldn't try to punish her any more, from what I hear about cats, if you don't catch them in the act they will be oblivious to punishment. Or worse, just scared. I guess just keep bags away from this especially naughty kitty?

    At least this means more Coach for you, yay!
  10. Sorry to hear this bliss - you were so excited about this bag too - but I do hope you n kitty make up soon(ish)
  11. it's really hard to get how bad it is on film. maybe i'm just really pissed... no no, the leather is TORN on the threadline near the edge of the bag... let me keep sorting through these pix and i'll try to find more details.

    oh yes, and the crease picture is on it's way.
  12. uh-oh! BAD KITTY!
  13. (((((((bliss))))))) am so sorry hunny - really don't know what to say to even half way make things seem better.
  14. crease picture. i really can't even explain it. under no circumstances did i leave this bag unattended. ugh.
    Creasy Life.JPG
  15. Hey, Vicious....I just noticed something on one of those designer scratches by Miss Kitty.....I've taken your photo and drawn what I see on it. See if you can spot it. I think kitty was trying to tell you that she loves you.