Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser

  1. I just saw a commercial for that new Neutrogena "Wave" Power Cleanser...has anyone tried it or something like it? Does it really make your skin all nice and soft and pretty-ful? TIA ladies!
  2. I purchased this last week and love it! It does make your skin really soft and clean. BUT, I notice in the day time that my nose tingles...its really weird and has never happend before, I THINK its from the wave... weird....
  3. thanks for the 411 - I was wondering about this product.
  4. What I want to know, what is the difference between this and the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion machine?
  5. The wave just vibrates, but the mircodermabrasion spins.
  6. Which would you say is better? I tried the microdermabrasion from Neutrogena and did not care for it.
  7. Was this weird tingling?... Or like when drink soda and your nose tingles?
  8. Oh so dual purpose. :sweatdrop:

  9. Its was actually really weir tingling, like I though something was wrong with me. It almost felt numb. I skipped using it for a couple of days and it went away, but when I use it, it comes back...

  10. Well, they both serve different purpose, so it depends on what your looking for. The wave is said to clean deeper into the pores, my 24 year old skin needs this. You should try it, I purchased it at CVS for 13.99.

    Also, I put my own soap on it after the soap pad washes away. And make sure you always throught the pad away after each use.
  11. Hm, that's really strange! Thanks for filling us all in though, it's very appreciated :yes:
  12. I use this with a pump of the neutrogena acne cleaner on there and it really does make my skin feel better. I only use it once a day at night... I like it.
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. LOL I just noticed that! Tsk tsk naughty girl :happydance:
  15. ^^ Well now I have to get it:p