Neutrogena Visibly Even

  1. Has anyone tried the Neutrogena Visibly Even line? I saw it and thought about picking up the foaming cleanser, Spf 15 day lotion and the night concentrate lotion. But I dont know what to do for the little bit of dark spots(one spot) that I have. And if not, What do you use for uneven skin tone?
  2. I swear by glycolic acid products to help clear up uneven skin, splotches, spots, or blemishes!
  3. thanks
  4. Which products do you use? And are they available to purchase online? Thanks! :flowers:
  5. Alpha Hydrox 10% glycolic acid oil free gel for the face - I order it from since it seems to have vanished from the store shelves. MUA has great reviews of it too.

    For the body I use a 15% glycolic lotion from my dermatologist's office. The office name is SkinHealth located on Newbury Street in Boston. I started slowly with this lotion as to not burn or irritate my skin since 15% is pretty high. i mixed it with another lotion first to 'get used to it'. Ive bough this twice, and i NEVER repurchase, but i really really love this lotion. Theres no added fragrance which i like as well. Heres a linky to their online store if youre curious about it:
    SkinHealth Online Store: 15% Glycolic Lotion
  6. I also use glycolic acid products. I recommend Neutrogena Healthy Skin spf 15 lotion for daytime use. It has a fairly strong amount of glycolic acid. For night I use a retinol product. I used to use Neutrogena Clear Skin cream. It has both retinol and salycilic acid to prevent breakouts. Both products are anti-wrinkle but they work by causing skin cells to turnover at a faster rate, which will help even out your skin. I recently switched to Retin-A which is an acne medication, but it's a higher concentration of retinol that's available in stores.