Neutrogena skin iD???

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  1. hey ladies!!
    i just saw a commercial for this stuff
    it looks promising says it works 2x faster than
    proactive which i just started about a week ago & now my face is super dry
    this is supposed to be custom made for your face

    so has anyone tried it yet??
    i think im gonna try it
  2. I would like to know this for my hubby aswell. proactive did NOTHING for him :sad:
  3. well 30 minutes later i ordered it i hope it works:tup:
    its $10 more than the 30 day proactive but i think the products are bigger
  4. I wanna know too, because my bf has horrible skin and proactiv did nothing for him.
  5. Proactive uses benzoyl peroxide and it is very drying and lots of people experience a reaction to it -- If this line has benzoyl peroxide; you will probably get the same results as you did with Proactive.

    I have heard of neutrogena id but I have not tried it -- I would try Neutrogena products with salicylic acid. it is not drying and it really works.
    They have an acne stress control line
    1. Cetaphil Cleanser- Neutrogena Scrub
    2. Clear Pore Oil Eliminating Astringent
    3. Acne Stress control hydrating lotion
    Option 2
    Neutrogena healthy skin line with salicylic acid
    1. Cetaphil Cleanser
    2. Clear Pore Oil Eliminating Astringent
    3. Anti blemish/anti wrinkle cream (my favorite).
    Check out

    Sunscreen is a must.

    This routine works for guys as well -- my hair stylist uses and his skin looks great.
  6. I know I'm reviving an old thread, but has anyone tried this stuff out? I did the assessment and it lined me up with a cream cleanser mask (which is strikingly similar to Neutrogena's Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask that I already use and love), an anti-acne treatment, and cleanser-type pads which I haven't used since I was 16. No moisturizer or anything, but 2 cleansers? Is this stuff meant for people who have moderate to severe acne problems or can it be used by people with the occasional spot that they want to keep at bay?

    I went back and changed a few of my answers but the recommended end products were still the same so I'm still skeptical. I don't have horrible skin - it's pretty nice and even for the most part, aside from a few little blackheads here and there and the occasional problem spot.

    So if anyone has any thoughts on this I'd love to hear them!

  7. i did try it & it was very drying as well
    & 2 of the products they warn you not to use at the same time
    i stopped using it as well now i use mario badescu it is great
    it is not over drying at all
    it is great for the occasional breakout & severe acne
    get the trio pack it is their
    drying cream,drying lotion & buffering lotion i think it is around $40
    for all 3 but even using it daily it lasts a really long time
    & for face wash i just use neutrogena cream cleanser
    for me it works great!!!:yahoo:

  8. I was reading through this blog and I saw few of with "hubbies" that have bad acne like me. My girl would like me to have better skin too -_-... I'm actually trying out Neutrogena's Skin ID right now. I have a blog that details a day by day use of the product. My regimen is 7.32.38

    You can check out my blog at

    I made it for myself to stick to a strict regimen and see improvements as I go on. I'm only day 5. Wish me luck! And hope this helps. I'd be happy to give my input on Skin ID as well.
  9. I've tried it and it was alright. It worked ok. The face wash was really thick and white and would make a mess. This stuff really dried my skin out. I went through 2 cycles of it and it worked ok, but if you stopped then everything would come back fast. I hated how they had it on an automatic system and sent it out every 60 days. I've switched to Mario Badescue and like that much better.
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  11. Skin ID and Proactive did nothing for me. I use Zeno when I feel a pimple coming on and put Neutrogena 8 hour zit gel on right afterwards and go to bed. In the morning, BOOM, zit is gone.