neutral vs. colour girls

  1. well not exactly versus but i was always wondering and interested in the various opinions why do you love more the neutral colours or why do you opt for the vibrant colours? or do you do both equally. give me "reasons" is it the climate is it your lifestyle ist is you taste in clothing in general or do you think for that amount of money you want a save colour that goes with everything etc..

    just curious not judging at all :flowers:
  2. I'm a color girl. :lol: I have a lot of basic bags in black and brown already (mostly older Coach when the leather was really yummy or LV) so I don't really need any neutrals. Also, Hermes colors are so gorgeous I am drawn to them immediately. My next bag from H has to be Potiron! :love:
  3. color girl -- but exclusive to Hermes.

    I have fallen in love with Hermes color bags. I think Hermes has the most lovely colors... In all other brands, I lean towards more neutral colors.
  4. Definitely both! Hermes does colors and neutrals beautifully!
  5. Neutrals. My clothes are colorful, if I were to wear a colorful bag, I would look like a kaleidescope. My SA agrees.
  6. I'm a neutral girl, although I LOVE H colors! The main reasons why I have stuck to neutrals with H bags so far ( never say never!) are that I've always preferred neutral colors to bright ones, ON ME that is...Also the age factor has crept up:crybaby: and so, if I wasn't comfortable wearing them when I was younger, now I'm even less comfortable! Last, but not least, the price certainly influences my choices, I still love the bags I bought 10/15 years ago as the first day, whilst a bright colored one I might regret it...But having said this, I know I'm going to get a Rouge Vif or Garance one day....:wlae:
  7. Both equally! I'm just starting my collection and my dream cache of bags has color (BJ, fuchsia, potiron, rouge H) and neutrals (choc, black, gold)
  8. Color all the way! I find that I do a lot of color in my wardrobe, yet I also love black and white a lot....these bags to me are just incredible in color - even with my plume in black, I find I think I would LOVE it all the more in a color....of course, it's pretty hard to have just "one" -- I think it is relevant to your personality and style.....recently I even tried to do neutrals for 2 living room chairs, and then a couch, and just couldn't do the couch in a camel! Too plain IMO....
  9. Definitely color all the way baby~ That applies to both Hermes and non-Hermes. I just love pink too much so I think it's going to stay that way for a long time ...

    I also figure that as I get older, I may not be able to pull off colors as well as I used to. Therefore, I figure I should get as many colors and wear them as often as possible before that happens.
  10. I am both ... I make it a point to alternate what I buy ... color ...neutral ... color ... neutral!

    This is also I have quite colorful clothes so I also need neutral bags to balance it out.
  11. I love bright vibrant colors and I like my bag to match my loud obnoxious personality. :lol:
  12. jap jap

    (sorry could not resist :flowers: but i am allowed to say that beeing jewish and loud as well ;) has to do with our genes :yes: )
  13. I like neutrals for bags, and colors for accessories. I think you hit the nail on the head for me...if I'm spending this kind of money, I want to make sure it goes with everything. I may change later though....
  14. both, because then you can mix them together, I used to wear mostly black, now I crave color!
  15. I'm a colour girl pinks and purples especially.