Neutral colors

  1. I am looking into a neutral bag now and am thinking the "brown family". I do not own even one brown bag, if you can believe that. I am leaning toward a HAC for now. I am also leaning toward a more structured bag and not slouchy. So, I am thinking box, chevre, and togo for now.

    Can you all share the colors that you see most available in these leathers or a color you would recommend if I had the ability to slip in an order come February.

    I would love to know of colors that I have the best chance of finding and what you all think is just stunning. I have never been the type that gets wowed over browns, so this one is tough for me.

    I was thinking chocolate box or cognac chevre if lucky...but what else??? You all really know your neutrals, so I am looking to you for help. I am stuck!

    Please post pics if you have them.
  2. omg both Chocolate Box and Cognac Chevre are on my Please-Hermes-Gods-Throw-One-My-Way list!!!! How 'bout Ebene or Havane, KB? Havane has a nice reddish undertone and Ebene is almost black. Noisette is also a lovely neutral and I haul my Noisette Kelly all over the dang place....she goes with everything. Yup! :jammin:
  3. Love Noisette :yes: It's a perfect neutral!
  4. Marron Fonce is one of my favorite browns-I think Sweetea's 32 Fjord HAC is in MF.
  5. Oh yeah!!!! I saw marron Fonce IRL not too long ago and it's really lovely, KB. That's an idea!
  6. :yes: Oh yeah, Sweetea's is gorgeous!
  7. Lucy has a MF Birkin 30 in Chevre that I'd kill to own!!
    KB, I love gold and Noisette Togo; Cognac and Marron Fonce Chevre; and Chocolate Box

    You NEED a brown. And something like gold can go with blacks or browns, so its the perfect bag to bring on trips when you can only bring one bag.
  8. Maybe a cool neutral like etoupe? I like this color becuase it doesn't matter is you mix it with other shades of brown in your accessories or wardrobe:biggrin:
  9. Etoupe, gold, or natural barenia. Natural sable is nice, too. Okay, maybe they're not dark browns but they are in the same family.
  10. I LOVE Cognac!!! That would be my first choice... but honestly, I like all the H browns except for etoupe.
  11. I'm with tweetie! I have fair skin and Etoupe would make me looked washed out. When it comes to the medium/caramel browns I'd go with Cognac and Noisette. For darks I'd go with Marron Fonce, Cocoan, Havane.
  12. 24, so true! I have olive skin so tend to shy away from dark brown neutrals...probably why I opt for the etoupe:biggrin:
  13. Anyone have a pic of Noisette? I must go looking for that one.

    Thank you so far for all the ideas.
  14. KB......check out my Kelly. The girl going to the Spa....she's Noisette. Let me pull a pic for you.....this one's outside. I can post a pic inside later....
  15. How come I can't remember that your bag is have told me sooo many times! Sorry!!! (Thank you)

    Also, is raisin a color that is available in togo? I am just wondering as my brain is ticking...seems I have seen it only in chevre.