Neutral Color for Birkin or Kelly

  1. I am placing an order for a 35 Birkin or a 32 Kelly and need your help ladies. I know I want an earthy toned color with gold hardware. I know very few colors in that family such as gold, caramel and barenia. Can u please help me with names and pics plzzzzzzzzz so I can make my choice? hanx a million in advance :flowers:
  2. GO WITH THE GOLD PLEASE...The white contrasting stitching is to die for. I'm on the wait list for the gold right now.
  3. What is the name of this color?
  4. looks like tourterelle :flowers:
  5. how close is tabac to the above color?
  6. how about kate's kelly? and the 2 birkins?
    kate.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
  7. kate is croc and apparently vintage but the closest guess would be natural beige croc (same like aspenmartials shoulder birkin in croc)
    the second yould be tourterelle too but under different lightning but i am not sure bad pic.
    the last on looks like gold to me but again under strong lightning
  8. The black rimming on the tourterelle birkin is lovely. Very beautiful contrast.
  9. I agree, it's gorgeous.
  10. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
    Thanx alot lilach for ur help!!
    From ur experience with Hermes and apparently ur great sense of style, what color do u recommend?
  11. Gold with white contrast stitch. with gold or pall. Have one, with pall, and love it. Is potiron too far out for you? It is a toned down orange and a beautiful color.
  12. Yum - potiron!
    Sorry, I don't have time for pics but you can find many of these colors on ebay or in our catalog sticky at the top.
    etoupe (a true taupe with gray undertones)
  13. thank you my dear.
    well i am not a neutral girl but i do love the colour gold with white stiching and gold hardware. it is just very classy and classic.
    another one that i like is noisette a hazelnut colour but my first vote goes to gold on togo leather! it is not one of hermès best selling colours for nothing :flowers:
  14. gracekelly Potiron is a perfect color! I have it in a shoulder birkin