Neutering - need advice

  1. I have a 6 1/2 year old maltese boy who is not neutered. I am a bad mom, I know all the good things about neutered dogs, but I am one of those who's so scared of getting hurt, and I don't want my puppy to go through all these either.

    I'm trying to get myself to take him to the vet. I have the following questions and I'm sure you ladies can answer me.
    1) How long will he be in pain for?
    2) Will he hate me?
    3) Will he get depressed? He is a *very* active puppy right now.
    4) Anything else that I need to consider?

  2. When I adopted my cat he was 3 1/2 and not neutered. I took him to the vet shortly after and he was fine. So:

    1. He didn't appear to be in much pain
    2. He doesn't hate fact he loves me more than ever...especially when I feed and snuggle him
    3. No depression
    4. Neutering will ensure he doesn't father any puppies that don't have homes and within a few days he'll forget he ever had it done.
  3. There are pain meds so he will have minimal pain.
    Dogs don't hate, you are confusing them with people.
    Neutering significantly decreases the incidence of cancer, mammary for the females and testicular for males. He will be much better off! Do it now!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ita with Irish. Neuter him ASAP. He will still love you!!!

  5. I used to work at a vet's office and the Dr. did tons of neutering. I will take a shot at answering your questions :smile: (I have a male Chi who I had neutered)

    1--generally, male dogs will be in pain for a day or two. However, they usually send you home with a pain killer for him called Rimadyl, which helps alot!

    2--no, he won't hate you. You will be adding YEARS on to his life by not letting him succumb to prostate cancer, etc etc.

    3--the first day or so he will be very sleepy and somewhat out of it. After 2 or 3 days, he should be back to himself:nuts:

    4--MAKE SURE to have your vet do presurgical blood work on him. This will check his kidney functions, etc to make sure his little system is healthy enough to go under anesthesia. Also, some vet clinics offer heart monitors, etc to be hooked up to him during surgery--I recommend paying the extra money (my vet only charges like 5 or 10 bucks extra)

    PM me if you have any other questions:yes:
  6. Hmmm... so if I don't plan on breeeding my beagle, should I take him into the vet's to have the Bob Barker treatment ASAP? :shrugs:
  7. Neutered is the most better point for dogs or cat
    you help to prenvent cancer
    Salvage animal , like wolf only the dominant female is covered for having puppys, the other female never baby ....
    I neutered my female Maggy , she was 8 years old , i have say to my vet, i kill you if something bad arrive to my Maggy LOL
    The vet opered Maggy in the morning, i search Maggy in the afternoon, and in the evening she was playing !
    The surgery is very small

    just one point, wait 2 month after her last eat, to do the surgery , it's just because hormonal .......
  8. and off course , look the vet hospithal, choose a good vet hospital
    clean with good condition and nice with the dogs
  9. Thank you for your support and answers! :love:
    I suppose 2 days in pain is not all that bad, we should be able to handle it.

    Where should I start when looking for a good vet?
    Although my boy is almost 7 years old, he never fell sick once. I only took him to a generic pet hospital for shots and physical checkup stuff.
  10. I already both my pom and my chihuahua neutered. They got it done on the same day. They were on meds and were pretty out of it when theygot back home. Took them a few days to feel normal again. Only problem that I have with them was that they were trying to lick/chew their stitches. I placed a cone hat on both of them for a week while waiting for the stitches to heal.
  11. All my pets were spayed or neutered when they 6 months old, except for one of my rescue dogs. He was four years old when we got him. The organization we got him from had him neutered a couple of days before we brought him home and I don't think it affected him at all. He's nine now and acts like a puppy. He's the most cheerful, active guy you've ever seen.

    You're doing the right thing! Don't worry! Your baby will always be your baby and will always love you!
  12. This is exactly what I was going to say. We had a 6 yr old rescue male boxer who hadn't been neutered; when it was done, they found a grade II mast cell tumor near or in his testicles (can't exactly recall) and it was removed then. It may have been prevented had he been neutered as a youngster, but at least they found it and we had significant quality time with him afterwards. It really must be done.

  13. LOL I probably would...its prevents testicular cancer, etc.

    Plus he won't have the 'saggy ball' syndrome when he gets older!!:roflmfao: :p
  14. Our male dog is neutered, and the girls have been spayed. All of them recovered SO quickly! I hated having it done, but I knew it was important to do it. None of the dogs hate us--to them it seemed like a minor inconvenience not to feel like playing for a day. They were all ready to play the next day!

    Mcmug17, you are being a good mom by caring about your dog. He will be just fine, and you will likely have him for longer because of it!
  15. dont worry. animals dont feel the SAME pain we do. yes they still feel pain, but they dont suffer from it the way humans do if we were to have the same surgery. I read a GREAT book that explains the inner workings of this topic and many many others. you should ALL read it, its wonderful and answers so many questions. its called Animals in Translation by [SIZE=-1]Temple Grandin.