NEURONTIN: Any takers here?

  1. My physiatrist (physical rehabilitation MD) put me on neurontin for radiculuar pain down my right leg (and residual back pain) from my botched surgery back in November. I've been on it for 10 days so far. I'm interested to share some war stories about the side effects and benefits with anyone that's been on it now or in the past.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I've not been on it..but as a Nurse have had lots of patients take it. It is really an anti-epileptic medication..but works wonderul for pain..caused from neuropathy.

    I've seen fantastic results..I think the one thing to watch for is drowsiness. but this should subside once you've been on it awhile and develope a level within your system.

    Good luck with it...I'm hoping it works well for you.
  3. The problem I'm having is mostly with the peripheral edema. You should see my left ankle right now! I also have carpal tunnel and the extra pressure from the swelling is making my fingers go numb again!

    The drowsiness/dizziness wore off after a few days, but I've also got the cognitive dysfunction side-effects BIG TIME. My word finding (and typing) sucks big time right now. Of course having my left fingers numb doesn't help that either...
  4. Hi,

    I have been taking it for 4 years now. I take it for my anxiety ( along with other stuff). The key is to take it before bed. It does make me drowsy.
  5. I take 6 grams of it every day for diabetic neuropathy. Yes, that's 6 GRAMS.

    So if I seem a little cloudy sometimes...
  6. Hi Prada,
    Yes, I am another "spiney"...
    I have been on Neurotin, Lyrica, etc... The Neurotin really does help the neuropathy in my legs.... however, I do get the edema...I go off and on it.... however you cannot just stop taking it!!!
    You have to wean up and wean down..

    In the beginning I felt sluggesh, dizzy sometimes, and it does help you sleep better!
    Those side effects wear off in about a week or so...

    Good luck to you...I hope it gives you some relief...
  7. My boyfriend takes it. He has had problems with chronic nerve pain in his back and neck for a while. Other than being a bit drowsy, he hasn't really complained of any side effects. He says it works quite well.
  8. My mother was on neurontin after her lumbar laminectomy and it did nothing. she is in constant pain (can't stand for long) and her physiatrist put her on lyrica and that did nothing either. She had a lot of foot swelling from the neurontin, too. I wonder why these work for some people and not others. she is getting very frustrated trying so many different meds and not having any provide relief.