Netflix’s Tiger King

Aug 24, 2015
Just finished the series last night and WOW. It's a TRIP.

I don't feel bad for anyone involved. They all seriously gave me the creeps, some more so than others. Doc Antle and Jeff Lowe were the worst, IMO. Evil and coldness just emanated out of those two.

Almost every single person they filmed appeared to be nuts, and frankly this makes me never want to visit any type of small zoo or 'sanctuary.'

But man, what entertainment!
There's something so predatory about Doc Antle and Jeff Lowe. They radiate sexism and coldness.
Apr 3, 2007
East Coast
I'm kind of shocked Jeff would agree to be interviewed again; the series didn't portray him in a particularly positive light either, he definitely looked like the one who escaped the law. (And yet Carole is pissed at how she was portrayed; I thought Jeff came off far worse than her, besides the whole she-totally-murdered-her-husband thing.)
I don’t think Joe cares if he’s getting positive or negative attention; he’s enjoying the fact that people are paying attention to him.


Feb 18, 2019
Let's be candid ladies: we'll take what we can get at this point. He actually has this sort of back-woods sexy quality about him.
THANK YOU!! :lol::lol::lol:

<runs and hides>
My ex sort of resembles him too - I may have a type...
Wait a minute! I forgot who we were talking about and I’m too lazy to go back and find the original post. Someone please refresh my memory so I can continue judging y’all :lol::lol:
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