Netflix’s Tiger King

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  1. #1 Mar 26, 2020 at 11:30 PM
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020 at 12:48 AM
    For those who have watched can we plus discuss the train wreck which is Tiger King?

    Everyone’s teeth, Travis, Joe’s eulogy, Carol and her first husband (I guess he was actually her second husband), Jon and his cult, and so many other WTF moments throughout the entire series.
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  2. I'm midway through ep 6 and my mind is still blown.

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  3. Please come back after you’re done watching so we can discuss that train wreck.
  4. Absolutely. Like right now, the MOST sane person seems to be Mario, the inspiration for Scarface. Seems like a pretty upfront and honest guy compared to the rest of these folks!
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  5. I thought he was pretty sincere too. I also liked the campaign manager. He was naive but like able. I hope he sought therapy and recovered from what he witnessed.
  6. Such a WILD ride!
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  7. All I can say is Country GHETTO! Very entertaining though
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  8. Do you think Joe is guilty?
  9. Did you see how they were living? OMG! I started itching just looking at their living quarters. What about the girl that lost an arm?

    Joe and John are predators and prey on the weak and troubled.
  10. Oh, for sure. He's 1000% guilty. His obsession ruined him financially and that wasn't enough, he had to go further.
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  11. All the J names, I just couldn't keep up, and the trailers most of them lived in really took me out.... just foolery all around
  12. Just finished the series!! So much to unpack, what a wild ride. Here’s the main thing I was confused about though, and I rewound ep 106 to see if it made more sense but it didn’t, I found the timelines were jumping around everywhere so I wasn’t sure what the chronology was anymore...


    At what point had...

    1. ...James become an informant? During Joe’s bid for governor?
    2. ...Joe hired Allen to kill Carole? (And why would Joe trust Allen since it seemed like mutual hate from day 1)
    3. Further to 1., at what point had Jeff and James decided to have James go to Carole about Joe? Was this during the bid for governor, before Jeff went to Vegas? And so before Jeff found out about the embezzling? So Jeff wanted James to facilitate Jeff selling Carole the zoo, Carole screened the fall and gave his # to the feds, and that’s when James became an informant, over the lemur thing only (allegedly)?
    4. Depending on the timeline for all those things, why WAS Joe so scared of Jeff the day he left the zoo?
  13. I think he is guilty too but those three guys set him up for the fall too. Everyone in the series was terrible except for Travis, John (his 1st husband although I read he really was not the 1st), and guy without legs, and the campaign manager. Jeff had a lot of nerve acting like a victim when he stole the whole business from Joe and I don’t understand how people don’t see that Carol is just as bad. She is the same as those she condemns, putting the tigers in cages and having those people work for free with a color tshirt as compensation.
  14. Gross! We saw they had rats in one, who knows what else was in there. A lot of the trailers had no running water, no washer and dryer. They looked like they stunk and probably never brushed their teeth after smoking a pack a day. Joe paid those people $150 a week and fed them and the animals expired meat. Tragic.
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  15. okay, wow that is a lot and some of your questions now has me confused lol.
    1. I thought it was after his bid
    2. I thought it was because of Allen’s wrap sheet. But it seems like Joe would have asked just about anyone to do it because he just couldn’t shut up and hide his dislike for her. He let it consume him while the others shrugged it off.
    3. I thought Jeff went to Vegas early in meeting Joe and that was partly why Joe trusted him and thought he was a rich big shot. I thought Jeff didn’t find out about the embezzling until later and that was what motivated him to setup Joe. Apparently Allen did go to Florida to get Carole but something happened and I can’t remember. Yes, James claims he became an informant because his lawyer told him the Feds had him over the lemur thing.
    4. They never went into detail but they inferred that Jeff threatened Joe. They talked about Jeff and his friends wrap sheets. Remember how Joe became upset with the reporter because word had gotten back to Jeff that Joe was talking. He told the reporter over the phone that those people are dangerous.