Netflix users?

  1. Anyone here have netflix? After batteling with blockbuster over late fees and not having a lot of the movies we want me and my BF decided to get netflix tonight.
    We chose the $14.00 plan for 2 movies at a time. We chose our top 6 and should be receiving movies tommorow!
    I've always thought this was to good to be true....but maybe it is that easy! We watched ghostbusters off the computer tonight, haha.

    For those of you that do have it what's your experience been like with it? Is it worth it? TIA!!
  2. I have had Netflix for just three years and love it. :okay:The positives are low costs (I rent three movies at a time for $16.99), I have had roughly four lost movies in the mail and they were replaced at no cost, a huge inventory of independent/foreign films, :tup:quick replacement if your movie is damaged, very responsive customer service (via email), and I get new movies within 2 days of mailing the old ones. The best part is you can watch some movies online. Because of this I have become a new 'Heroes' fan.

    The cons are (depending on your area) some new releases have a long wait time (several weeks). When I get tired of waiting, I shoot an email to them saying I am leaving and all of sudden I get new releases w/i the week. I have faith that Netflix will be around long after Blockbuster's online service is dead and buried (they're raising their prices!). I have so much faith, I bought a few shares of nflx when they were low.
  3. We love netflix and are on the 4 movie plan. I agree with Tiffany, make sure you check out the watch it now movies. Not much inventory, but still worthwhile.
  4. We have netflix - I think the 3 movie plan. We love it. No late fees, watch at your leisure. It's fantastic. Haven't lost a movie yet. It's been a couple of years now.
  5. I've been using Netflix for the last 2 years (the three movies at a time plan), and have not had major issues with it. They are very timely and the turnaround is great. I love their selection of smaller, more obscure things too.
  6. i've had netflix for the past 2-3 years and i love it. I thought a movie had gotten lost when i sent it back, but turned out that THOUGHT i had sent it back and it was still in my dvd player ;) so after reporting that i lost it, once i shipped it back they sent me an email saying that it was no longer lost.

    i have the 3 movies at a time plan and i used to use it a lot.. i'd watch the movies over the weekend and then send them back and get 3 more for the next weekend. i don't use it as much as i used to, one time i kept 3 movies for like 4-5 months.

    netflix have lowered their prices. i believe the 3 at a time used to be 19.99 and now it's 16.99? (i think someone above posted it)
  7. Thanks for the responses girls! We started out with the 2 movies a month and may go up from there depending on how well we do with it. I'm really excited to start using them because i have heard nothing but good come from them, as i can see by everyones posts as well :tup:

    I think the best part of all of this was the fact that they had Return of the Living dead part2 from 1988 that i have been trying to get a hold of and NO video store had!

    Any more words of advice or experiences are more than welcome :smile:
  8. i have been with Netflix fo almost 4 yrs and I love em.
  9. I've had Netflix for almost a year and I love their service. They ship quickly (if you send a movie back on Monday, you will get the next item on you queue list by Wednesday), and they have a nice large selection of material.
  10. I've been with Netflix for about 5-6 years now, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. My queue has about 80 movies right now.
  11. Netflix rocks! We are on the 5 movie plan. I have kept movies for months before returning them and have never heard a peep from them about it. Plus the turnaround time is amazingly fast, even though we live in the backend of nowhere.
  12. I run alot and had BB and Netflix cause I watch a movie a night. I just cancelled BB finally cause they just plain suck!!! I can mail a movie back to Netflix on Mon, they get it on Tues and mail another out the same day, and I get a new movie on Wed.

    With BB I mail on Monday and am lucky if I see a replacement by the weekend. Plus the jerks raised my plan to $19.99, whereas I just got an email from Netflix saying they were LOWERing my rates.

    Needless to say Netflix will never be cancelled in my house.
  13. I love netflix is fast and no late fees ^-^
  14. I used to have netflix and i loved it! IT has almost every movie and show!
  15. I have NetFlix and haven't had any problems. A great, easy service.