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  1. It is real! I would compliment one of my co-workers on her different, fabulous bag each month or so. Finally, she confessed that it wasn't really hers, but a loaner from this site! Netflix for handbags! I never thought about it, but that's exactly what it is. Too funny, chloe!
  2. It's VERY real...they've been around for a few years. Pretty reputable from what I hear, but I certainly don't know anyone who uses it.
  3. Yeah it's real. Here's another site like that one:

    I looked into "renting" a while back but thought the prices were ridiculous. :wtf: I just ended up putting the money toward buying a bag!
  4. Yeah...I know ppl that tried to convince me that I should try that instead of spending money on the real thing to own...I never fell for it! ;)
  5. I guess yeah you can carry a lot of different handbags but at the end, you would be spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and none of those bags are even yours!
  6. The prices to borrow some of these bags are astronimcal. I have never sgined up but came close. I just can't rationalize "lease- ing" a bag and not owning it. Plus the "contract" says that they can charge you for wear and tear on the purse and to me, that sounded very open ended (like they could potentially charge you unecessary fees which would be open to interpretation).

    One of the other things that bothers me about Bag Borrow or Steal is that you are paying for the transit time of the bag you want. Like you pay from the moment you select the bag (not moment of arrival until you send it mail back).

    Also, my other worry, not that it happens or happend to me, but what if the bag get stolen? Are you responsible for paying the full price of the bag?

    hey funny, i JUST notice they advertise on here... how appropo.
  7. Yeah, this is for real, but I am skeptical towards this idea as I don't like to share my handbags. keke!

    This is the link about bags/purses rental :

    I am from Singapore and have read about this : from a fashion magazine. I do not know about others, but I still prefer spend somemore and get my own bags!

    Maybe this is more suitable for some ladies who always have to attend to different functions and need several "IT" bags at the soonest time. Through this services, they can get as many bag as they want and won't burn a hole in their pockets, or their husband's pockets. :idea:
  8. I guess it's a good idea for some people...but I don't think I'd do it myself. I love owning my babies too much, and I'd hate to have to send them back to someone else every month!!
  9. Yes! Totally agree wth C1976 :yes:. Little things could happen to handbags such as scratch and tiny dirt here and there. How on earth they would keep track every little tiny accidents like that? I might be paying for someone else's misdeed.

    Plus, I have the I-dont-care-late-fees-anymore-syndrome since I have netflix which I can very much see will happen to this handbag site if I ever join, which pretty much I'm too frickin lazy to return the bag and I keep paying for it every month, and if I calculate it would be equal like I'm buying this handbag except...not. Not to mention I will be more prone to get extra charges for "tear and wear" after keeping it for so long.
  10. i wouldn't want to pay so much money and come out owning nothing!
  11. there are a GAZILLION threads on this topic if U use the search function...Not my thing personally!LOL!
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