Tech netbooks and notebooks!

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  1. Hey all!
    Which notebook would you prefer to a student who has to attend lectures online?
  2. Definitely not a Netbook. I got my daughter one and it is sooo slow.
  3. hmm thanks for the suggestion Dexter ;) :biggrin:
  4. I agree - I had an Acer Aspire One netbook and it was a slug!
  5. Are they really that bad? I was thinking about getting a netbook to use when I'm away from my laptop. More as a secondary computer, go online, check email, etc.
  6. I had a netbook and an iPad...the iPad definitely won out over the netbook in the end. It was adorable - so small and portable, but SO sluggish when I was surfing the 'net. That, in addition to the teeny screen, did the netbook in for me :sad:

    There are laptops with the same processor as the netbooks - I think they're called notebooks, and they feature bigger screens. That might be more tolerable!
  7. I got a netbook for traveling before the iPad came out. It now boots up slowly, but if you don't put too much stuff on it, if you are only using it for taking notes and going online, it is convenient because it is small and inexpensive.

    One thing is that some of the keyboards are much smaller, so you have to get used to typing in a cramped way....

    When I travel I prefer the lightest, smallest computer that I can carry around with me anywhere, so the netbook worked for me. But it is definitely not fancy and you can't run too many programs on it without it slowing down.

    (I don't have an iPad so I cannot comment on that.)
  8. I'm using a netbook also, and it tends to slow down as I store more and more stuff on it... but it is very convenient for me to bring to school as it is pretty small and light!

    As with typing, I don't have a problem with mine; I have a 10inch netbook, the 7inch is wayyy too small and crammed...
  9. using a 10" Sony Viao right now :biggrin:

    great secondary laptop, for email, im, internet, only has windows 7 starter, starts up fast, good keyboard, no complaints here!
  10. hmm so this is better if you do not stuff it with heavy programs but use it as a note carrier and thats all. I understand and that is all i wanted so i guess i can go for a laptop but yeah not for a 7 inch one :biggrin: thanks