Net-a-porter's Top 8 Bags

  1. That is great! I like the Carker. I'd never seen that before. Thanks for posting!
  2. Its so interesting to see what magazines - fashion websites 'favorites' are. I am really feelin the stam - in gold python w/ the tortoise chain......thanks 4 sharing
  3. I like the Carker too. Very mod. There was a small article about them in a random fashion magazine with a gorgeous picture of a royal blue faux croc. I don't do faux croc ... but this one was compelling!
  4. I love that the Bottega Veneta is in there. Their leather and colors are so beautiful.

    Thanks for the post--it's fun to see what the "experts" think--then we do what we want, anyway!
  5. I was just going to post the same thing! I'm loving the stam... :heart:
  6. that's a great guide!!!!thanks for sharing!!;)
  7. I love the magazine aspect to their website. It's always very well done.
  8. I have one of them, the Stam.

    I like the Carker. I haven't seen it before.
  9. Aaaaaw, the Missy is gorgeous!
  10. I too love the Carker. Never heard of it or seen it before, but sure do like it!
  11. Hey! That's MY Stam!! Even the same color.

    Gee, I'm an "It Girl" at 51. :rochard:
  12. =) We (everyone on MJ forum) told you so, you look beautiful with your Stam Hobo! =)
  13. Oh I love that Jimmy Choo "Ramona" saw it IRL yesterday on a girl and went nuts - cause there is no money left for such a luxury - don't even want to know how much it is - whatever it is,it's too much -

  14. Between $1600-$1850 depending on the style. Yeah, too it's too much! :wtf: