Net-a-porter's Picks for Fall's Top 10 Bags

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  1. Ooooo, thanks for sharing!

    At least 3 out of the 10 bags are patent. And there's my patent Jimmy Choo!
  2. Ooohhh I really like many of them!! Time to write about them on the website :yes:
  3. Based on pictures, I only like the Chloe.
  4. I love the chloe and the Jimmy choo. The Luella is also to die for, it remind me of Chanel.
  5. How interesting- none of those bags are on my list:wtf: !! I must be totally out of touch......all I am pining for are more Chanels.
  6. I agree. I thought that the B-bag was last year's IT bag?!
  7. oh God, i want them all except the anya, luella and miu miu
  8. I'm with Rose and supersaucy, I don't really like any of those but that might just be the pictures. Neither the muse nor edith did anything for untill I saw them IRL and now they are at the top of my list :love:
  9. Love the Jimmy Choo and the Roberto Cavalli!!!
  10. Oh....I really like the Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, and surprisingly, the Luella! What a pretty purple color.
  11. The Marc J. and the Jimmy C. are fabulous- I want that Jimmy!!
    It's good to see a Marni bag in the mix, I've always liked Marnis.
  12. Strange that the choco YSL muse is not on the list:amazed:
  13. The Chloe is nice!
  14. I like all of them except the Mui Mui. My favorites are the MJ and Luella.
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